Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 99 - Can you believe it? I have been out of work for almost 100 days? I have been keeping a journal and it is funny to look at it, and realize how optimisic I was at day 45 compared to now.

I am happy people are responding and you never know if either will be the right position for myself and if the location is right for my husband and myself. I know he will go wherever I need us to go to support me. Since his business is done from home he is fine with wherever we land. Yes, I may prefer the east coast but am looking all over, new experiences keep us happy, and exploring new cities and areas we love.

I have been in a funk for about 3 days and have not left the house, all I have done is checked email. I did get up this morning, and went for a bike ride and now am at the libary again looking for work. It is nice, even if we have to find $2.00 to use the computer the connection is so much faster.

I hope everyone is starting out 2009 well, and even though I am floating into the abyss right now, I know we will land somewhere and make a home again. I miss my own bedding, my mattress not so much, but everything else...

Tomorrow will be day 100 wonder what it will bring with it..

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