Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well it is New Years Eve, so it is a good time to reflect on 2008. Ironically, or in a twisted hand of fate for me last New Years Eve we were in knee deep of snow, and today it is 65' sunny and breezy down here in Hilton Head, SC which is not so bad.

What will 2009 bring? We have no idea where we will be living, or what will happen with my job hunt, the country has a new President and we must wonder what he will bring to the United States? Is the economy going to bounce back, are we going to have another terrorists attack on US Soil? Think about it, in Bush's first year in office 9/11 happened, what is next in store of us?

Personally, I want the right job in the right place, at the moment I am getting excited by one of my prospects but am superstitious and do not want to talk about it, in case it goes away. The husband is working very hard to get his business off the ground, it would be great if I could get a position that allows him to work on it and not have to get a job outside of the home.

2008 Big stories: First African American President Obama was elected in November 2008 after such a nasty election season from both sides..
Governor of Illinois tried to sell the Senate seat that Obama vacated gets caught and then does not want to resign, basically why should he right? Supposedly, Jesse Jackson Jr. was caught in this scandal did he or didn't he? Unfortunately, the public does not always want the truth and he still could be tainted by the scandal later on down the line.

I was upset by how vocal Oprah was for the candidate, due to the fact she had a built in following and voice to the public. Why was Sarah Palin never on her show? Sarah Palin may of come out of nowhere but it will be interesting to see what she does in the future... Tina Fey may have to come back to SNL again if she does run in 2012 talk about job security..

We lost Paul Newman this year, I remember watching, " The Sting" with my grandmother, she loved Paul Newman my heart goes out to his family, he was such a private man and I respected him and his charities so much.

Reality TV seemed to take over TV more so than anything else on the tube.

The Hills went off with a bang, but of course that is not the end of Spencer and Heidi haven't they had their 15 minutes of fame yet? Luckily, Whitney has her own show The City, she should watch out for the socialite, she is jealous of Whitney and wants Whitney's job and man Jay, luckily Jay realizes what she is, so the question is does Whitney?

Big Bang - Saw Penny kiss Leonard now what? How I met your mother: What will happen with Barney and Robin? *** Love Monday TV****

New Real World: Brooklyn now how long has this been on? I liked the first 3 seasons then I stopped watching,it is not real anymore now is it?

Real Housewives of Orange County: Vicki get a clue you are not the queen bee and why are you so judge mental? You came from the Midwest and made yourself over to a California girl, why Tamara and Lynn are actually from California, so why judge Lynn? I like her, she is what the show needed except for the fact she needs to own her age, if it is just a number why do you keep it a secret? Next week, we get to see Lori one of my favorites, I know why she left the show but I still liked her very much.

We saw the Real Housewives of Atlanta: These women were catty, and fun to watch, but do people really treat other people like that or was it for the cameras?

Project Runway: LOVE IT!! I do not care which channel it is on, I will watch it. I am sad to see Nina go but I will still watch it.

To be honest at the end of 2008 the best reality tv was Fox News vs. Main stream media.. Enough said...

Myself we moved to Maine, and now are stuff is in storage and we hit the road for 6 weeks, and have been in Hilton Head, SC trying to regroup and find where to next. We have nothing but what we could fit into the car, and food. I have been biking, and walking everyday and not drinking alcohol, and the husband is working or fishing it may sound boring but it is not spending any money, since we are paying our bills with what little we have coming in, but to be without anything Hilton Head is not a bad place to be, we are lucky for our families.

Both families have been very supportive, not money wise but otherwise and we appreciate them. I have learned in all this time of being without a job what is important, more than anything is friends and family. We may be many miles away but we are still in their hearts and their in ours.

2009 is another adventure, my husband and I are lucky to have found each other and willing to take the ups and downs of life together, I will always be grateful for finding my fit with him. We love adventure and the 6 weeks in the car were not easy for us, at the end we were at each others throats but deep down we knew we loved each other no matter what and we will get through anything.

So my only thing that I want for 2009 is to keep nurturing my relationship with my husband, family and friends because jobs will come and go, and life has many twists and turns it is how you handle them that determines your character. Are you a person to just wallow in self-pity are you one to pick yourself up and move forward to find what you need to make your life satisfying?

I wish everyone out there a Very Happy New Year, and Safe New Years Eve. We are having a nice dinner and if we can stay awake watch the ball drop in Times Square.. See you in 2009 thanks for reading...

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