Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reality Shows Post, my take on some of the ones I have watched, some I can not believe I have watched, but is hard to turn away like a train wreck.. Not even guilty pleasure just bad..
Bret Michael's latest attempt to finding the right woman - Personally I think Heather would of been perfect for him, but that is just from TV. Now he is on a bus with these women and they are awful, not one of them has any redeemable quality. I was happy to see Nic and Weirdo in the bathing suit go home first, good choice. Megan and Stephanie were the only 2 normal and you sent them packing, most likely they were not the ones due to the fact of being normal. Bring Lacey back to put these b**** back in their place, she is at least interesting to watch..

Bad Girls Club- I admit I did watch the first season to see what is was about, but this season is all about fighting, they should put a countdown in how long before Kaley blows, my gosh in 2 days they got thrown out of 3 places, how is that possible? Amber M. and Kaley are so different and both have tempers always good to watch. Whitney with her Boston accent seems to be able to justify her temper, and Aliea is just a trouble maker. Amber B. you choose bad men, and Tiffany is the only one who seems to be working on herself, I like her..

Momma's boys- The name alone should tell women to back off, JJ is such a momma's boy, he will end up picking the one his mom wants, and then they will break up because he is 21 and has no idea who he is. Rob- I think will follow his heart but will end up marrying a Jewish girl but have fun until then. I dated a Jewish man and his mom point blank told me he will never marry you, because you are not Jewish so you are just and in between girl, I did not want to believe her but she was right. It is very important to his family that he does that, so I do not believe he will find his true love on this show. Michael only wants to be a player so why even be on the show?

Real Housewives of the OC: Gretchen is a nasty drunk and Tamara and Vicki are down right mean to get her drunk to prove a point. She has a lot on her plate with Jeff being so sick, I hated to watch her be bamboozled by these two vindictive women. Lynn you are so right your 18 year old is drinking, and not well. Jeanne needs a good man maybe Don when Vicki ends up ruining that relationship. Vicki is so insecure I can' watch her any longer.

Where is my Project Runway?

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