Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 100- I am going crazy not working.. I am now applying to places I am not even sure I want to live, but am now changing my way of thinking. The position must be the right one and then I will see if the place is right for us. Instead of only looking where I think we should live.

Quality of Life is important but working and contributing is so important and if the position is right, the place could be too. The one in Virginia has gone away due to the person who was leaving has decided to stay. I realize anything can happen and it was never offered to me, but I was getting my hopes up which I know is bad, but it is so hard not to sometimes.

I almost stayed on the couch all day, but decided I need to get up and get back to the drive of finding a job. In hospitality things change so fast you never know what is going to happen.

What do you do with yourself when you are not working? Trying to find work is so much harder than actually having a job, because you are basically selling yourself with your cover letter and resume, how do they really know who you are that way? I thought just an interview would make me feel better but lets be honest, I am a person who needs to work, I need to feel needed and worthwhile, and not just a lump taking up space.

How do people do it who have not worked for so long? A friend of mine has not had a job in 2 years, what do you do with yourself? For me 100 days is too long, and the way the economy has been, when will the next job come? I know our President Elect takes office on January 20, does that mean my job will be here January 21?

Anyone else looking for work? Take heart you are not alone, according to statics it keeps going up how many people are losing jobs each day, not that it makes you feel better but you are not a lump you are just in the middle of and economic crunch.

I have no idea where we will end up for 2009, and at this point, I just want to know where we are going after Hilton Head. It looks like it might be back to the midwest and my in-laws, but you really can not tell now can you?

My mom wants me in Maine, they are both cold so we are going to enjoy the nice weather why we can today by the way is 78' and sunny..

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