Friday, January 30, 2009

During this time of the dispute between Suzette Kelo and NLDC everyday in the paper you waited to see what would happen, and I truly believed Suzette was getting the wrong end of the deal. I think this movie would be wonderful, for people to see what Eminent Domain does to people, and how they feel about the government after their house is taken away.

From the New London Day today:

It's only a matter of time before Hollywood picks up an option on Jeff Benedict's new book on New London's eminent domain saga, “Little Pink House,” right? The question is, when Hollywood does, what kind of “treatment” will they give it? And who will play whom? As to treatments, it's easy to imagine a few scenarios:

”Pinkheart,” starring Mel Gibson as William Von Winkle. Signature scene: Von Winkle, Suzette Kelo, Byron Athenian, Matthew Dery and the Pasqualini sisters hike their kilts and bare their bums to the oncoming NLDC bulldozers.

”Liens,” starring Sigourney Weaver as Suzette Kelo. Signature scene: Kelo straps on a mechanical suit and hydraulically pummels Claire Gaudiani (played by the slobbering monster from the “Alien” series), shouting, “Get away from here, you b---h!”

”PINK!” a musical starring John Travolta in drag, playing Claire Gaudiani. Signature scene: To the music of “The New Girl in Town,” Gaudiani performs an “interpretative dance” symbolizing the leveling of New London and its phoenixlike resurrection as an ecstatic sock-hop.

”Greed,” starring Dennis Hopper as Claire Gaudiani, a mad bomber bent on reducing New London to rubble unless people compliment her on her red sausage-casing dress. Signature scene: William Von Winkle (Keanu Reeves) finds himself trapped on a SEAT bus that - if it moves - will explode.

But what about the casts? Well, here are our choices...

Renee Zellweger as Suzette Kelo, owner of the little pink house

Fran Drescher as Claire Gaudiani, Connecticut College president

John Malkovich as Murray Renshaw, gadfly

Sam Waterston as Tom Londregan, city attorney

William Macy as David Goebel, NLDC head

Kathy Bates as Kathleen Mitchell, gadfly

Phillip Seymour Hoffman as John Rowland, governor

James Gandolfini as Tony Basilica, Democratic town committee chairman

Jack Black as William Von Winkle, homeowner

Ben Stiller as Jay Levin, lobbyist

Christopher Walken as George Milne, Pfizer Research head

Ben Affleck as Byron Athenian, homeowner

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