Friday, January 23, 2009

The interview was 2.5 hours, I could not get a feel on how I was doing or anything. I do have another interview with the owners on Tuesday, which makes me very nervous.

It is always frustrating when you can not get a feel for how people feel about you, or if you answered the questions correctly, or if you were what they wanted, expected or you say one wrong thing you could be off the list. Job hunting is tough enough, and the interviewing part is scary beyond belief. You never really know who they want, or what they are looking for in the person.

I do research before I do anything, when I was going for this interview, I went through my interview book, on what too ask, what they may ask and worked out my answers so I do not sound stupid or ill informed. I also go on to the computer and research the company and if I can find information on whom I am interviewing with, how long in business, if a newer company their background. It is amazing what is on the internet, so you can be informed when interviewing.

You have to realize the other applicants are doing the same thing so you must make the best impression and then hopefully you will stick out when it comes time for the decision. What upset me most was no questions and no notes, so how can they tell the difference between all of us?

Yes, I am second guessing myself and hate it beyond belief, the husband is telling me not to think about it and stop second guessing yourself.

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