Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 108 without work:

I did just have a promising phone interview for a position up in NH where is right where I want to be, still waiting to see what happens, money really has not been discussed, have to wait and see if it is going to work or not.

OK, it has been 108 days and I have been keeping a journal on what has been happening in my life, I truly believe when you lose a job you go through all these emotions you did not believe were in you toward your job. First, I went through such sadness it took about 2 days for it to sink in, and when I finally did, I thought, I will have a little time off and find a job like that. Well obviously that did not happen.

We put our stuff in storage and gave up our rental and moved in with my mom for two weeks and then hit the road. If you and your spouse thought you had no time together before try spending 6 weeks in a car together to really find out if you are compatible or totally wrong for each other. It will definitely be eye opening to see how you handle everything when you are together 24/7 for days on end.

I need to work, it really does define the person I am, I stress about not having a job, no money and really no place of our own. I will let you know, where the next step in my relationship and job hunting is going to take us, for now we are still are in Hilton Head, but we need to be out of here by March 1, so we need to go somewhere by then but where is the question.

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