Thursday, June 28, 2007

I love reading true crime novels and if there is a movie about it, I watch it. This morning after my work out I had the tv on an the movie on was " The Boston Strangler" made in 1968 about the case of the Strangler which took place 1962-1964 and 13 women lost their lives.

Actually, this is an unsolved crime, yes Albert DeSalvo did confess to (11) of the murders, but he was never tried, when he died in prison he was in prison for a sexual assault not murder. There is some people who speculate that he was not the Boston Strangler. Was he or wasn't he? It is a very interesting case isn't it? Could there have been more than 1 killer? If so, did he change cities after DeSalvo was in prison or did he change how he did the killings so no one would suspect the Boston Strangler was still out there?

You do not just stop, alot of speculation on this case. The first case that had caught my attention was when I was child it was the Son of Sam killings. Summer of 1976 July 29, 1976 Donna Laurie 18 and Jody Valenti 19, were shot while sitting in a car in front of Donna's apartment. Donna died, Jody did survive an at the time there was not alot of press on this killing. He did not start to taunt the police until the Sixth Shooting which was April 17, 1977 an a few blocks from the first shooting. David Berkowitz, is still alive and in prison for these crimes.

Another case, closer to home for me was Michael Ross from Putnam CT, I was in High School when the first few Crimes happened, also the police did not really think it was a seriel killer until after April and Leslie were found. Wendy Baribeault was a key case to finding Michael Ross.

I did not know Wendy but my cousin did he actually had a crush on her in high school. She was a nice girl who was walking .5 mile from her house to the store when she was killed. Michael Ross was in her house earlier in that week trying to sell insurance to her parents, back then I remember our insurance man coming to our house too, selling or upgrading insurance. It was very common. Did Michael see Wendy there an watch for opportunity?

His murder victims (seven of the eight were also raped) were:
Dzung Ngoc Tu, 25, a Cornell University student, killed May 12, 1981
Paula Perrera, 16, of Wallkill, New York, killed March 1982
Tammy Williams, 17, of Brooklyn, killed January 5, 1982
Debra Smith Taylor, 23, of Griswold, killed June 15, 1982
Robin Stavinksy, 19, of Norwich, killed November, 1983
April Brunias, 14, of Griswold, killed April 22, 1984
Leslie Shelley, 14, of Griswold, killed April 22, 1984
Wendy Baribeault, 17, of Griswold, killed June 13, 1984

Michael Ross was finally executed May 13, 2005, 24 years and a day after his first killing. That the authorities know about. I hated Michael Ross for so long, because over those 3 years, my Stepfather who was always strict became more so, because it seemed young girls were getting murdered in our area of the state ( I am from Norwich). I was angry that someon would rip apart our innocence and feeling of being safe in our small part of the state. I used to get in agruments with people who were against the death penalty and saying it is inhumane, look what Michael Ross did to these girls and their families and talk to me about inhumane. He deserved to die it took way to long for a confessed murderer who even stated in one interview, "If I ever got out I would do it again." He had no guilt or remorse for what he had done.

There have been many cases of Seriel Killers, an how long it took to find them because they change the way, change states, even change cities and it gets very hard to track them. Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Damher to name a few. I wish I had studied police work, because I would of wanted to find these men and make sure they got what they deserved for ripping apart peoples lives for their own sick reasons. Seriel Killers are unique because in alot of cases these people seem normal an have jobs and careers, and just have a "sideline" It is very bizarre to me.

What if Albert DeSalvo wasn't the Boston Strangler who could it have been? Where did he go?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am going to rant for a minute on a lowlife actor.

Unfortunately, due to business I can not tell you who this is, until he checks out. Let me preface this with we had George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, Mikey Rooney, June Lockhart, Ed Harris, Jonathan Pryce ( father of Elizabeth in the Pirates movies) in the hotel and they were all respectful, nice, pleasant to everyone.

We now have a Sci-Fi movie being made here in the area and this actor who is not really famous, has taken to bulling our staff to get upgrades which the film production can not afford to pay for, an to get as much for free as possible. He was in a TV Series for over 5 years so you know he has money he is just being a compelete a**, he has put my front desk staff in tears twice.

So my question to the universe, is what right does he have? Also, as a hotel do people think we have to just take it? I feel in a hotel we have rights but never actual flex those muscles, for the reason of " The Customer is always right", something I do not believe in. Customers are not always right, and talking down to people, being disrespectful is not accepted. We will bend over backwards within reason to make your stay good but do not ask for the unreasonable.

When I did weddings, I had a groom forget his coat, I drove to the store myself an picked the exact one up because there was no time to go back to his house. Another time, a bride and groom forget they had to return their linen that was not from me, I drove the linen back to the rental place an hour away so they would not get charged extra. One of our front desk clerks gave our guests his tie, he was going to a big dinner and had no tie. These are within reason an it looks good for us to go the extra mile for a client.

On the other hand just because you do not want to pay for that Coffee, does not give you the right to take it off another groups Coffee Break because they paid for it. Or, I want more meeting space but do not want to pay for it, even though we have heat/cool, set up/ breakdown, an have staff work that room. There is a price for everything in life an in a hotel.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another bad day of news, another husband/boyfriend has killed his family. Why? Last night, I was flipping through the channels and found WWF an a tribute to Chris Benoit, it was a nice tribute and I thought oh, how sad he died at only 40 years old, I wonder how he died.

This morning I turn on my FOX NEWS and what do I see, it might be a murder/suicide, that it looks like he killed his wife and son on Saturday night and himself either last Sunday or sometime on Monday. So, then my question is how did WWF get it together so quickly to do the tribute and why would you do it, so quickly if there are still unanswered questions? On the radio this morning 103.7 (charlotte) they were talking about it an find it disrespectful to the family of the wife. I understand he was you wrestler and you want to pay tribute but my gosh, think of the family.

Also, it said something about text messages that were strange and that WWF is the ones who contacted the police to check on the family, what were they will be ever know?

Is it me or does it seem there is alot of men killing their wives/girlfriends lately in very gruesome ways? The first case I remember is the Dr. Jeff McDonald case on February 17, 1970, according to Dr. McDonald a group of 4 hippies broke into his house and brutally murdered his wife, and children but himself only had superficial wounds. It was definitely, the time to say these things after the Tate/Bianci murders in California. Did he do it? We may never know, but the fact is why would someone brutally murder a woman an her children and not the husband?

Here is an article on a man killing his wife in a court room and look he gets off, because the judge feels that she must of provoked him in some way.

One answer to this question, for men at least, is to kill their wives and then appear before judges sympathetic to stories of provocation and frustrated love - or so the sentence handed down by Acting-Judge Hannon in the matter of S v Ramontoedi would imply.

Ratsapana Ramontoedi, a prison warder, shot and killed his wife Yvonne during a maintenance hearing at the Johannesburg courts. In the months leading up to her death, Ramontoedi had threatened Mrs Ramontoedi's life on a number of occasions and shot at her at least once. Not surprisingly, she had become very afraid of him - so much so that on the day of the shooting she obtained a police escort from Johannesburg Central Police Station to the courts. On the way Ramontoedi appeared and followed her, uttering verbal abuse and insults. Later during the hearing, when the prosecutor left the room, he shot her. He was subsequently sentenced to just three years correctional supervision.

On the facts of this matter, Ramontoedi appears a dangerous and threatening man who arrived at court, armed and aggressive, and killed his wife when the opportunity presented itself. How then did Acting-Judge Hannon justify this sentence, so extraordinary in its contempt for Mrs Ramontoedi's life?

Firstly, Hannon discounted both the previous threats to Mrs Ramontoedi and her fear of her husband. Instead he decided that "there must have been some provocation to have induced such a violent response from the accused." On what evidence Hannon reached this amazing conclusion we will never know. To quote Hannon again: "because of the accused's reluctance to tell the truth of exactly how the shooting of the deceased took place the court is in the dark as to what that provocation actually was and the degree of it."

Not to be deterred by this small matter of a lack of evidence to support his argument, Hannon went hunting for indications of provocation - and found it in Ramontoedi's allegation that his wife had had an affair with an elderly church pastor. Yet even Hannon seems confused about whether or not this alleged affair actually took place, sometimes referring to it in his judgement as a "fact" and then at other times as a "probability". It is also Hannon's assumption that this "affair" was a source of provocation to Ramontoedi; Ramontoedi certainly never put forward a plea of provocation in his defence.

Let us not forget OJ Simpson getting off killing his wife and Ron Goldman because who cares that she had already filed abuse charges that does not prove he would take it to the next level . It was a brutal crime wouldn't that signal someone emotionally involved? It seems lately there is case after case of a husband killing his wife, so I ask WHY??? Unfortunately, I truely believe if someone wants to kill you they will nothing is going to stop them not a restraining order, not even jail they will make sure someone else does it if need be.

It is just very sad to me, that woman in Ohio her poor son now has no father or mother for what his father is accused of doing. Or Lisa Stebic still have not found anything to do with her, Mary Bryne Smith a preachers wife who disappeared from a Religious Conference on March 24, we have not heard alot from this case but where is she? I am not accusing the husband of anything in this case, but people do not just disappear do they? According to some news reports on this case she might of left on her own accord to start a new life, well what would push her to that?

These cases are becoming more an more frequent an I would like to know why? Or they are the same as always but because of the media everything seems more..

Monday, June 25, 2007

In the last week, I have had (2) People of Africian American decent say I am raciest. Now, if I was raciest or have made comments or treated you like you were different or lower than me, yes then I deserve it. The fact is, both of these people do not like the word, "NO" or if you want that item there is a price.

Hotels are a business we are not here for whenever you need us, we are here to make a profit. Our sales people go out of their way to book smart business so we can stay in business. So, when we tell you, You can do that, but there is a price it has nothing to do with race, it is the fact there is a price for Audio Visual, if you add more meeting space and your rooms do not pick up there is a price, if you add a bar, there is a bartender charge and a minimum $ of money.

One of my clients went to the Sales person who booked the even and LIED said, all I ever say is "no' without an alternate which is not true I always give him a alternate and a $ that goes along with it, which is what I think his problem is with the fact I will not back down. THERE IS A PRICE FOR EVERYTHING!! Are you going to walk in to McDonalds and say, I want a Hamburger and Fries, but only want to pay for the Hamburger because I am in your business, you should give that to me.

Another, group of mine signed a contract and they are in attrition and now they are saying, we are trying to rip them off and they would not have signed it if they knew about it and we must be raciest against them. HELLO!! It is a contract, don't you usually read one before you sign it? This one wasn't really directed at me, but my co-worker who actually did the contract, but this client is very upset at the hotel in general.

The other person was being a b****to me ( co-worker) so I ignored her an walked away then I hear her say, I do not like Colored people, that is not true you were being a b**** so instead of saying anything I walked away. My stepfather, "always taught me if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all."

My issue is this, why if someone is not saying what you want to hear, some people say it is because of my race? Do you figure that is always the reason it couldn't possible be you are in the wrong, or a b****. Believe me, I can be a B**** when I want to an I don't say oh, she/he doesn't like me because I am white, it is because I am a B*****. When did it become acceptable not to take responsible for your own actions?

It is not just one race using this, it is many even us Whites have said it. I personally, know a few men who have said, they didn't get the job because they had to hire ______ ( fill in blank) to cover their quota, I believe quotas went out at least 10 years ago, didnt' they? I have been in the hotel business for well over 20 years, and never before have I seen so many people saying, it is because of my race, you are ________( fill in blank). My last hotel, our whole banquet staff was Spanish Decent, they were wonderful they worked well together, their managers were French, Yugolosiva and Spanish no one ever pulled, you are doing it because I am----.

The hotel before it was a religious issue for my banquet staff, and they brought it all the way to the courts on discrimation, not even race the fact of their religion which was not the issue they lost, it was because in banquets you are required to work certain days especially Saturday and Sundays for social business most of the time, the Banquet Manager would work around their schedule but if absolutely necessary we need you on a Saturday, you can not yell Raciest against my religion. Then do not take a job that requires it an when they ask you in the interview if you have a problem working certain days tell them and they will decide to hire you or pass because they can not promise that every week. If they can, then get it in writing so no one is surprised f something comes up.

Every hotel has issues but most of the time they are because of different personalities not different races, religion etc. It is not just happening in Hotels look at all businesses across the country. I am a strong Yankee with a big mouth, I do not mean to offend anyone. With my clients I am professional an courteous even when you are fighting a price of something. Don't I deserve the same? IF on the other hand I have offended you an you feel uncomfortable working with me please let me know, I will make sure to apoligze because if I did it, I did not mean it or I said it wrong. Just like when you do emails please read over and over to make sure your tone is not taken the wrong way, very easy to do in EMails. Dealing with emails more an more we all have to be careful with our tone.

My point is do not assume someone is rude to you or disrespectful because of your differences it could be your too sensitive or some people come off compeletly wrong when they say things. My husband tells me sometimes I am too abrupt, I am working on that, and most of the time will just keep my mouth shut for a few seconds before I say anything to make sure it comes out how I mean it too.
This article was in my hometown paper this morning ( The New London Day):

I am so upset by this I can not describe it to you, how can someone blame a whole town for what was clearly and "accident" and the fact she lived does that not have any bearing? I think the daughter is making a huge mistake by this lawsuit, but it is her time and money. I wonder what her home life is like since she has also named her husband in the lawsuit. The line that upsets me the most is when the lawyer says, "We live in a litigious society", he is right, it may sound harsh and obnoxious but the lawyer is right. Everyone is so ready to sue you for anything they feel they were wronged by. My gosh, if you think back when you were on the playground in grade school, and the name calling, making fun and of course, singling the weakest person out in Dodgeball, would we still have that now? Most likely, not the child will go home tell mom and dad so and so was mean to mean on the playground, and then the parents turn around and sue the school for not protecting their child. I am not talking bullying, that is wrong, I am talking about regular kid behavior. Our society is all about no#1 the person who sues first and I find that so very sad.

When emergency crews rescued Barbara Connors from the chilly waters of the Connecticut River in October 2004 after she'd been trapped underwater in a car for a half hour, her family called them heroes and later attended a ceremony honoring them.

Police and firefighters repeatedly dived down to the Ford Explorer in which Connors was trapped that afternoon on Oct. 14 to free the then-75-year-old woman. Even after 20 minutes, when it seemed all hope was lost, they agreed to keep up the rescue effort. They finally found the vehicle, sunk in 10 feet of water, and rescued Connors after breaking the back window of the Explorer. Though Connors, who had been in the water 29 minutes, had no pulse when they got her on land, emergency workers were able to resuscitate her.

Within a year of that dramatic and courageous rescue, however, Connors' family sued the town, in part because it claimed rescuers didn't act quickly enough to save Connors. It named several local officials as defendants, including the first selectman and chief of police.

Today, the town remains mired in the complex and lengthy legal battle, which revolves around accusations by Connors' family that Saybrook Point was unsafe for cars and that the town should have had a trained dive team ready for such emergencies.

The lawsuit is being directed by Connors' daughter, Karen Hauser of Old Lyme, because Connors now lives in a Waterford nursing home and suffers from dementia, a condition her family has said in court papers is the result of the accident. Connors, they said, suffered brain damage because she was underwater for so long.

On the day of the accident Hauser's husband, Alan Hauser, now 72, was driving the Explorer and had taken Connors to Saybrook Point for lunch. Alan Hauser is named as a defendant in the lawsuit, meaning his wife is also suing him for her mother's injuries.

After the lawsuit was first filed, residents and officials here were stunned that the family could sue the municipality whose officials worked so valiantly to save Connors.

Robert Reardon, the New London attorney who represents Connors, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, said he is well aware that locals are offended by the lawsuit and feel it smacks of ungratefulness.
That sentiment, he said, is unfair to Connors and her family.

“We still think they are heroes and we have always complimented them,” Reardon said of Connors' rescuers. “We never sued any of the divers, policemen or firefighters who took part in the rescue.”

Nonetheless, the case has been featured on Web sites that track so-called “frivolous lawsuits.”
First Selectman Michael Pace said he cannot comment on the legal action because it is pending litigation.

“What can I say, we live in a litigious society,” he said.
Reached by telephone at his Rose Lane home in Old Lyme, Alan Hauser said he and his wife would not comment.

The family sued the town, and several of its officials, Reardon said, because it believes the accident would never have happened if the town had installed proper safeguards at Saybrook Point, a 2.3-acre waterfront park that underwent improvements in 2001. He also has said Connors would not have spent so much time underwater if the town had a trained dive team among its rescue units.

“This was an accident waiting to happen and it would not have happened if they had designed the project correctly,” Reardon said.

Alan Hauser is named as a defendant in the legal action because he carried the liability insurance on the Explorer. He and Karen Hauser remain married, though Alan Hauser has retained his own attorney.

Reardon said it's common for spouses and family members to sue each other following car accidents in order to collect insurance.

Also named as defendants in the lawsuit are the architects and engineers who redesigned Saybrook Point.

About a year ago Connors' family offered to settle the lawsuit for $1 million. The town rejected their proposal.

It was raining the day Alan Hauser took his mother-in-law to lunch at Saybrook Point. She had never seen the park before and Hauser wanted to show her the river and the views of Old Lyme from the Old Saybrook side, Hauser said in a deposition he gave in the case.

They picked up turkey sandwiches at a deli on Main Street and drove down to the point. Hauser pulled into a parking space near the water's edge, where a sidewalk and chain link fence separated the parking lot from the water.

Hauser was in the midst of pointing out bird nesting areas to Connors when the Explorer, he said, suddenly lunged forward.

In statements after the accident, police said, Hauser indicated he left the Explorer in gear and had his foot on the brake when his foot slipped off the pedal, hitting the gas. The vehicle lunged forward and Hauser tried to hit the brake, but hit the gas pedal again instead, police have said.
The SUV, Hauser said in his deposition, “surged forward.” It went over the sidewalk and through the fence, splitting the chain metal “like it was a sheet of paper.”

The vehicle's windshield shattered and the Explorer sailed out over the river, landing upright on the water on its tires, Hauser, a retired engineer, said in his deposition.

The crew of a nearby research vessel saw the accident and several of its members jumped into an inflatable boat and hurried over to the Explorer, which was still upright. They were able to get Hauser out of the vehicle, but the Explorer rolled and sank before they could rescue Connors. A 19-year-old crewmember was the first to begin diving to try and find the vehicle in the dark, cold waters.

Hauser was uninjured in the accident. In his deposition, he said he doesn't recall his foot slipping off the brake pedal and said the Explorer seemed to surge forward on its own.

“... The car is running. My foot is on the brake. The car suddenly surged. And we were in the water,” Hauser said. “It was a continuous movement for no apparent reason.”

In the lawsuit, filed in August 2005, Connors' family argues that when it redesigned Saybrook Point the town should have installed concrete barriers between the parking areas and the water's edge. The failure to do so, they said, created a hazardous situation at the park and was negligent.

“The town designed an unsafe condition,” Reardon said. Connors' family, he said, want to make sure a similar accident doesn't happen to someone else.

Lawyers for the town last year asked the judge overseeing the case to dismiss most of the claims in the lawsuit. The judge agreed with part of the request, striking from the lawsuit the allegations that the town was negligent for not having a dive rescue team. But the judge let stand the claims related to deficiencies at the park.

James Williams, the attorney representing the town, said he is preparing a motion for “summary judgment” on the remaining issues in the case. The motion will seek a decision in the town's favor based on the legal concept that the town and its officials are entitled to government immunity, he said.

“I feel strongly we will prevail on that,” Williams said.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I showed you a story from the South the other day, now here is one for the North. What kind of judicial system do we have in New London County? Please read this article and give me your feed back, it is from the New London Day.

Eugene Bryant feels he can say anything in order to beat the system, a New London Superior Court judge told him Wednesday.
The career criminal's creative defenses have become notorious at the Broad Street courthouse where many of his cases are heard. It seems like everybody knows about the time he claimed the alleged victim of one of his burglaries was actually his pot dealer, and was acquitted. They know, too, that he was acquitted in another case even though police caught him in the driveway of the burglarized home with stolen jewelry in his possession. He told the cops he had loaned the truck to a friend, who had called him for help when it became stuck and had just run to a local gas station for help when they pulled up.

A pleasant-looking, middle-aged man in glasses, Bryant blends in with the attorneys when he changes from prison scrubs to a business suit and proffers his articulate arguments on the witness stand.

But in his latest case, the 45-year-old New London native went too far, and it netted him a 15-year prison sentence.

Bryant told a jury this spring that he was having an affair with a Waterford woman whose house he was accused of burgling. His fingerprints were in the home because, he said, after rescuing the woman from an altercation at the McDonald's at Flanders Four Corners, he had accompanied her home, where she tended to his cuts and bruises and one thing led to another. He said they were together three times.

The woman, happily married and a devout Christian, calmly and emphatically denied his fabrication, and the jury believed her. They convicted Bryant of third-degree burglary, third-degree larceny and theft of a firearm.

The woman and her husband waited patiently for their turn to speak at Wednesday's sentencing hearing, and when it finally came, they had plenty to say.
“Please keep him in prison for as long as possible,” the wife beseeched Judge Hillary B. Strackbein. She said she could not sleep at night after coming home to find her back door kicked in and several items, including a high-caliber pistol, missing. She said she was further victimized at the trial, when Bryant “attacked the sanctity of my marriage.” She couldn't even discuss the fictitious affair with her husband for six days because, as a witness, she had been instructed not to talk about the evidence.

The husband called Bryant a proven liar and thief as he, too, asked for a long sentence.
“Lying and stealing and messing with a man's marriage is wrong,” he said.
Prosecutor Peter A. McShane said Bryant should receive the maximum sentence for fabricating the “horrible” lie about his relationship with the victim.

“For Mr. Bryant to take the stand and testify to what he testified to, that alone should give him the maximum sentence,” McShane said.
Strackbein, noting that Bryant has been convicted 27 times since 1980, said she did not feel sorry about giving him the maximum sentence of 15 years.
“I've heard no remorse from you whatsoever,” she said.

The judge made the sentence consecutive to a six-year sentence that Bryant is currently serving for cocaine possession, so he now faces 21 years in prison. He has two more cases pending, including a burglary and a charge of drunken driving and engaging an officer in pursuit.
Waterford detectives, who believe Bryant committed more burglaries than he was ever charged with, watched the sentencing Wednesday with satisfaction. So did a man who once identified Bryant as the person he caught leaving his house on Route 32 with a stolen backpack. In that case, Bryant claimed the alleged victim was actually his marijuana dealer, and that he was holding the backpack containing paintball equipment as collateral, because the man owed him money.
The jury acquitted.

In a 2004 case, Groton police charged Bryant with burglarizing a home after they caught him in the driveway, where his truck was stuck, with jewelry that had been stolen from the house. Bryant claimed he loaned the truck to a friend, and the friend had called for help after the truck became stuck. He calmly explained to police that his friend had gone to a nearby gas station to get help and asked if the cops could assist.

After listening to Bryant's defense and other evidence in that case, the jury acquitted.
Bryant's public defender, John Newson, said Bryant admitted in a presentencing interview with probation officials that he has become “a problem in the court system.”
“My life wasn't planned like this, and I'm sorry,” Bryant told the interviewer. Bryant chose not to comment at the sentencing, though he had a brief exchange with the judge about how much “time served” the court would credit him with.

Newson said Bryant, a graduate of New London High School, is an intelligent man. He told the judge his client “has had a terrible life and a terrible record.” Later, Newson declined to comment on his client's creative defenses.

“As a defense attorney, you don't often have the luxury of engaging in, 'Is what my client says the truth or not?' '' Newson said.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Former Mayor of Providence, Vincent "Buddy" Cianci has been released from the Halfway house in Boston he was in after leaving Prison and is now heading back to Rhode Island.
Who is Vincent Cianci? You may ask unless you are from New England you may never of heard of him.

"Vincent Albert "Buddy" Cianci, Jr. (born April 30, 1941 on Laurel Hill Avenue in Cranston, Rhode Island) served as the mayor of Providence, Rhode Island from 1975 to 1984 and again from 1991 to 2002. His political career ended with a racketeering conviction in May 2002. He is the longest-serving mayor of Providence.

Cianci resigned from office for the first time in 1984 after pleading no contest to assaulting a man with a lit cigarette, an ashtray and a fireplace log. Cianci claimed that the man had been having an affair with his wife, though both the man and Cianci's then wife said nothing had happened. Cianci spent the next few years as a radio talk show host on Providence AM station 920 WHJJ and as a television commentator. In 1990 he successfully mounted a re-election campaign with the slogan, "He never stopped caring about Providence."

Cianci was indicted in April 2001 on federal criminal charges of racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, witness tampering, and mail fraud. "

What "Buddy" did was not right or legal, but the man put Providence on the map. When I was a little girl we never went to Providence it wasn't safe and not much to do. He changed all of that, he opened up rivers, started an art district an built up the downtown, with Theatre's, restaurants, shopping etc. The Providene you see now is so different from when I grew up. Some people in Rhode Island have always appreciated all that Mayor Cianci did for them inspite of his little illegal doings it was for the benefit of making Providence better wasn't it?

He is out now I wonder how long before he decides to run again, and my bet is that he would win all over again.
I have now lived in North Carolina for 19 months. This will be my 2nd summer here. We moved here for a number of reasons, the (2) biggest being: 1. being the cost of living is less than Connecticut 2. the weather year round is better unless you like snow.

Now, I admit I love the weather in the winter here, mild, sunny still but not depressing an dark. On the other hand, I love when Spring hits and you open your windows and let the outside in, and in the summer sitting outside when it gets a bit cooler and enjoying the summertime. Here you get up an sweat when you open the door at 6am it is already 75' humid and then the newscaster says, " Today will be 95' and the heat index will be 106 which is in the danger zone" It is only June 21, and we are already experiencing what up north I know as AUGUST HEAT.

People who grew up here, say this has been a very unusual spring and beginning of summer. I really do not know, I can't remember last summer because I was so miserable in Charlotte, I do not really think I enjoyed the summer or even liked it all that much. We live in Air Conditioning, you go from the house to the car, where if you are like me I love to drive with the windows down an enjoy the air. I can really only do that going to work because when I get out of work at 530pm it is about 100' in the car and 97' outside, even going in the pool after work is not refreshing because the water is so warm from the Sun.

So, I get home and yes the Air Conditioner is on, I have gotten so used to it, for me when I go home to CT and no one has Air Conditioners they have fans with the windows open I can barely sleep. I feel like a weakling because after 19 months down here, I have no idea if I could live without A/C again. Two summers before we moved down here, I lived in a Loft Apartment over a garage, NO A/C and my windows barely opened, I had 1 fan that I would move from the Living room to the bedroom to sleep, took alot of showers before bed to cool my body down. It is amazing what you get used to in such a short period of time.

When I go up to CT next weekend, I wonder if it will be hot like here, and then I wonder if I will be able to sleep without A/C it will be quite interesting to see how I do for myself anyway.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ONLY IN THE SOUTH: ( Winston Salem Journal Reports)

A Rowan County restaurant linked to an E. coli outbreak that killed an 86-year-old woman last week was closed after health officials learned that employees slaughtered a goat there.
Health officials cannot prove that the goat slaughter caused the E. coli outbreak, the Rowan County health director, Leonard Wood, said Monday.
Wood said that a former employee of Captain’s Galley Seafood Restaurant in China Grove disclosed the goat slaughter.
The goat was killed between May 11 and May 20, Wood said. Restaurant customers got sick between May 26 and June 3.

As if North Carolina has not had some bad press lately with the whole Nifong debacle and now restaurants are slaughtering Goats for food. I realize animals die for food but usually not at the restaurant doors.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today, is now exactly 10 days until I fly home. You would think I would be working out twice a day to get ready for the reunion but since I have been planning this for so long, I now do not care, pretty bad huh? I am seriously, thinking of not going due to now I really am going alone. None of my friends are going, am I pathetic or what? I am a 40 something woman an I don't want to go to the school dance alone. I will go because my curiosity of what people look like is incredible. Besides, I did promise my friend in Illnois who can't come out to take pictures especially of any of our old enemies if they have not aged well. Very bad of me, but since they were mean in high school do you think they really outgrew it or they got better at hiding it.

My dress is perfect, nails and hair is done so I am ready to go, just have to get through the next 10 days without freaking out too badly.

New subject: DID YOU SEE THE FOX NEWS TODAY? I could not hear it but there is a video which says," Rosie O'Donnell attacks Hetrosexual Women", I would love to know what she said, an if they are just trumping it up to something it isn't anyone hear about this?

Monday, June 18, 2007

On Fox News Webpage this morning was an article about Jen Schefft( the bachlorette) she had won on the Bachelor with Andrew Firestone (heir to the Firestone Tire Company and Winery), then she had her own show and again did not settle.

From the Article.
"Settling means being in a relationship that's anything less than you deserve," the 30-year-old Schefft, author of "Better Single Than Sorry: A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling," said in a phone interview. "It's being in a relationship that's not exactly right … for the sake of being in a relationship."

She received alot of flack in regards to the fact she could not find love. Yes, she was on TV and my gosh not the real world so how come she could not find love? Let us look at the real world, how many dates did you have to endure before you found your husband? Why does our society make a woman over a certain age feel less than adequate because my gosh she is "still Single?" Did we not learn anything from "Sex in the City"?

Yes, I am married right now, it took me a long time. I had been in long term relationships but had never gotten married until are you ready? Until I was "40 years old", yes, I was single until then oh my gosh how did I do it? I went on some bad dates, some good dates and some alright dates. I met some interesting, loving great men and some fools. It just never seemed either the right guy, or the right time. I played the game, you do know the one, even though no one likes to admit it. It could be the game of who has the upper hand, the game of "no" you can not touch until there is a committment, the I am too busy (even though you are staying home) etc. The night I met my husband, I had decided to stop playing the game. I really did not care if he liked me or not, we met at a work function and flirted then went out for more drinks. I was honest ( could of been all the wine before this too), forward, I want a kiss so I made the move. I told him I had decided at 39 years old, to stop playing the game. If he calls he calls if not, no big deal. I had turned into Miranda (sex in the city), cynical but fine with the fact if he doesn't like me great, at least I will not waste my time wondering.

He actually liked that I would tell him, how I felt instead of a woman's signal, "I am fine" when you obviously aren't and expect the guy to guess, because if he guessing then he is the one right? Wrong, we are setting ourselves and the guy up for failure. I agree with Jen Schefft, do not settle you will regret it later. Be honest with your spouse to be, because that is so very important when you are married. It is not the wedding you stress about for a year, it is the actual marriage. Society according to TV/Movies leads up to the Wedding but do not show the marriage afterwards. That is why you have shows like "Bridezillas" or "Who's wedding is it anyway?" Marriage is tough an no matter how perfect your wedding is nothing will prepare you for it unless you are honest with yourself and your spouse.

My husband is a wonderful man, perfect "NO" but we have an honest relationship, sometimes we have spats, and disagreements but we both know we are in this together and can work through anything. So, women no matter what your age, do not think well the next man right or wrong that asks I will say "yes' it is better than being alone. Not really, you can be in a marriage an feel more alone then when you were single.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, this weekend is another festival here in Winston-Salem, NC this is the Ribfest. We are very much looking forward to it, on Friday night when we are going there is a Shag Contest, for people not from the south it is a type of dance. I believe it started in the beach community, and has taken all over the state. There is a movie done in the 80's starting Annabelle Gish and Bridget Fonda, Phoebe Cates called "Shag" it is so much fun, rent it if you really want to know about the dance.

On Saturday night, we are going to our friends house for game night, we are looking forward to it. At Ribfest on Saturday night is the "Trashy Woman contest" you can win $250.00, sometimes I know I can be and dress trashy but I do not think it is the same level, it would be fun to see, I will have to wait and see how our evening goes I believe the contest is not until 9pm, so after a few drinks we may come down to see it. Could be quite interesting. I do love the fact down here is a festival almost every weekend in the summer and on Thursday and Friday nights music downtown Winston Salem.

Yesterday, was the day to catch up, I talked to Claudette who I will see in a few weeks, she had a great weekend too, she had the whole weekend off from her waitress job at "Mystic Pizza", yeah same place as the movie (sort of), an went to her first Yankee game at Yankee Stadium. It is a wonderful stadium even though I am a Red Sox fan, well they are tearing it down and building another one but not for a few years. Then I talked to Thomas ( will see in two weeks) and he has finally given his notice at his job that was not going well for awhile. Good for him, what is he going to do for now, he is going to enjoy being unemployed and either drive cross country the Northern route, or hike the Appalachian Trail, I think either would be so much fun, especially if you have the time and the money to enjoy yourself. I am a bit envious because I have always wanted to drive cross country, especially with no plan except to stop and see what ever strikes my fancy.

The to end my day I talked to Dacia who lives right now in DeKalb, IL she so needs to get out of there, she needs to get back close to the water. She also, is not working an is looking to move, where you might ask either Maine ( close to her mom), upstate New York ( her brother) or an new interesting place she has found called ready: Hell, Michigan (look it up) on line cool place. Why that place you may ask, not to say I am going to "Hell", nope there is a guy... She went up last weekend and spent her time up there with him, and she really enjoyed it. It is right on a lake and looks kind of cool, not my type of place but definately hers, I hope it works out for her, she needs something good to happen for her. It has been a tough few years for her, and I worry about her out there in the Midwest by herself way too much. It was nice catching up with my friends, 1 more to call tonight because he of course never calls me.

Dacia and I were talking about a friend of ours who we have no contact with anymore because his wife hates me an TG, and for some reason has cut Dacia out too. Personally, I hope he is happy, but if he an his wife break up he may not get his friendships back without working for it. He cut us out as if we don't count, and that is just plain wrong. Friendships are very important to me, and I cherish them and try to nuture them even miles away. What do you think about friendships?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Everyday, I read my hometown paper the New London Day, and in the past few weeks, more and more pictures have been of the water, boats, summer stuff etc. It makes me long to be near the water again. I never realized how much it stinks to be landlocked. People, who have lived here their whole lives an find no problem in driving 5-6 hours to the shore because again they are used to it do not understand.

For me being so far from the water kills me, I used to love to drive the 30 minutes to the Ocean in Rhode Island in the winter, walk around Watch Hill in the winter when it is quiet and reflect on the direction my life and my families was taking. Also, I love swimming in the Ocean in the summer the salt water is just great on my skin. I now swim in a pool which isnt even refreshing due to it is as warm as if I was taking a bath. I have informed my husband that I realize our next move is not for 18 months but we need to be near water. Preferrable in Florida but I will take almost anywhere near the ocean. I need to hear the water, see the water and interact with the water. If that sounds strange ask anyone why they love living near the ocean.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, my husband an I saved up and had a bit of extra money this week, an took advantage over the weekend. On Friday night, we went to the "Melting Pot" in Greensboro, with our new friends Alex and Michelle. They have been before, we hadn't, it was so much fun. If you have never been there, a tip, DO NOT EAT ALL DAY!! It is 4 wonderful courses, A Cheese Course, Salad, Entree and Dessert. Just so you know it is Fondue, since there was 4 of us, we had 2 different Cheeses, two different sauces for the Entrees ( which include Beef, Salmon, vegetables and chicken) and then of Course CHOCOLATE FONDUE dessert, go with the Turtle, Fabolous... We were there for about 4 hours and did not even care of notice.

The waitress was incredible, after being in the business for so long it takes alot to impress myself and my husband and she was informative, chatty when necessary and efficient. I watched the dining room, this place is very well run, an no one seemed to be in a hurry or in the "WEEDS". Would reccommend to anyone who wants a wonderful dining experience. You will pay for it, so bring it on, but well worth it.

Saturday, we went to the NC Wine Festival and met up with friends of mine from work Bobby, Randy, Tom and Lyndsey it was a lot of fun. Even though it was 93' when we got there, we found some shade, they let you bring in food, which we all did and water. Then we bought bottles of wine throughout the day, listening to the bands, drank ate and socialized, it was well worth the $20 admission fee. Not very crowded, an some of the wines I had never heard of, our favorite was right out of Mount Airy, NC, which makes me think someone is still pointing us there to live.

Sunday, we went grocery shopping and hung out at the pool, it was so much fun. Took a nap ate a big dinner an just relaxed it was a wonderful way to end the weekend. I ended up getting sick on Monday morning and stayed home alone all day Monday. I of course, felt guilty about calling out of work but sometimes you just have to do it.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These "adults" went to beat up some teenage boys for texting a girl? Lovely people, and why is the woman off easier than the men? If she was there an did not stop the attack or report it she is just as guilty as the men.

My heart goes out to Zachary Jones family and for the family of Mathew Bankston, these boys were not stealing or doping they were texting a girl. My gosh, it must be a crime now huh?? These 3 people should be beaten with bats, until an inch of their lives so they can see exactly how stupid they are, and they deserve everything that happens to them.

LEBANON, Mo. — Missouri prosecutors charged three people with murder Tuesday after a wild brawl sparked by text messages left a teen brutally beaten to death with a baseball bat and another critically injured.
Zachary Jones, 17, died Monday from multiple fractures to the skull. On Tuesday, police charged Jerry Broyles, 25, and Terry Dunkin, 32, with first-degree murder and Terry's wife, Kimberly Dunkin, 36, with second-degree murder.
The attack happened late Sunday night in Atchley Park in Lebanon, Mo., after Jones and another teen, Matthew Bankston, sent text messages to a girl identified as Broyles' girlfriend, FOX affiliate KSFX-TV reported.
According to police statements, the three suspects went to the park allegedly armed with metal pipes and bats.
When they met, Broyles and his brother started hitting the two younger men with bats and a metal rod, according to the probable cause statement from police.

Bankston is in critical but stable condition at a local hospital.
Laclede County prosecutors charged the trio on Tuesday morning. Broyles and Terry Dunkin have the same mother, police said in a probable cause statement.
Prosecutors said all three people charged were in jail. Broyles and Terry Dunkin were denied bond, and Kimberly Dunkin was being held in lieu of a $250,000 cash bond.
Lebanon, a small manufacturing town of about 13,000 people on Interstate 44 in southern Missouri, has had one previous murder this year after none in 2006.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton was let out of jail early (after 3 days) due to a medical condition. Now, due to all the pressure from people, who do not even know Paris a Judge is putting her back in jail. Shocker the girl is hysterical at the courthouse. Now, I am not a fan of Paris Hilton, she is famous for being rich but my gosh, why can't we worry about the real criminals in California?

Now if Johnny Cochran was still alive I am sure he could of gotten Paris off, he is magical, he got OJ off for killing two people in cold blood. Where exactly is Robert Blake who killed his wife? Oh, yeah he is at his house in Malibu not in a jail cell. Michael Jackson, yes we may have watched his bizarre behavior while he was in court for Molestation charges but he now lives in Las Vegas, and I am sure not in a jail cell. These men are a mence to society but we must instead pick on Paris Hilton, why not just fine her and keep the ankle bracelet on her? I am sure it is not fashionable, and she can't leave her house without her picture being taken, so the Judge could see if she violates her order.

Even non famous Mary Winkler who killed her preacher husband is only getting 7 months in a mental facility. Is California trying to make a point with Paris or are they just fed up with her never having to work but get by on her name alone. Because her mother married well. At least Nikki Hilton is trying to have a business and Paris did try a movie career an recording career. Her music is awful an fluff but no reason to go to jail. Maybe when California can actually punish the real criminals they will leave the socialites alone.
I did not know this young man, but the reason I am writing is because of my hometown support for his family. Heidtman was killed in Iraq May 28 when the helicopter he was co-piloting was shot down north of Bagdhad.

His funeral was at St. Patrick's Catherdal in Norwich, CT (hometown). The whole town took part, by closing streets for the processional. This is the part from my hometown paper the New London Day, that makes me proud.

Norwich — A rifle salute, a flyover by two Connecticut National Guard Blackhawk helicopters and a flag-bearing tribute by dozens of supporters marked a solemn gravesite ceremony for 1st Lt. Keith N. Heidtman, who was laid to rest this afternoon at St. Joseph's Cemetery.
More than 200 motorcycle riders from several veterans' groups and local motorcycle clubs paid tribute by forming two lines of flag bearers flanking the road as the hearse and limousines carrying family members arrived.

After a brief ceremony by Connecticut National Guard Chaplain Lt. Col. Kevin P. Cavanaugh, a National Guard rifle team fired a salute and trumpeter Chief Warrant Officer Mark Cummings played Taps at a distant point from the gravesite.

Two Connecticut National Guard Blackhawk helicopters flew over the cemetery and bagpiper Robert Scent of Gales Ferry played Amazing Grace to conclude the ceremony.
Family and close friends remained in the shady area that surrounded the grave a while longer, hugging one another and shedding tears.

The procession arrived at St. Joseph's Cemetery at about 12:45 this afternoon after a funeral mass this morning at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The Patriot Guard Riders were joined by members of the New London County Motorcycle Club, the Connecticut Rolling Flags, the American Legion Riders, the Star Veteran Riders and other clubs.
John Coffindaffer, the president of the Sikorsky Veterans Association, made the trip from Oxford.
“We're just here to offer our support for the lieutenant and his family,” said Coffindaffer, a retired Air Force helicopter pilot.

The Patriot Guard Riders are in attendance to counter the expected protests of the Westboro Baptist Church. Members of the church travel the nation and protest at military funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan claiming their deaths have been orchestrated by God as revenge for the country's tolerance of gays and lesbians.

But the church members have not made an appearance.

***** The Patriot Guard Riders are protecting the families against the Westboro Baptist Church an I thank them everyday for being out there. GO PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS..

My heart goes out to Lt. Keith Heidtman' s family and only wish your family the best in this terrible tragedy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Kelsey Smith. I do not know them, but seeing all the coverage on the story, I am so sorry for the outcome in this case. The only solice is that they have arrested someone and he is being charged for the crime. He is the man on the video which means it was premeditated and not just a random act of violence on such a young vibrant woman who had her whole life ahead of her. I am glad he is 26 years old and he can watch his life go by in a jail cell for the rest of his life, and think about what an awful human being he is, an was it worth it? Taking someone's life for your own sick pleasure? I will not name him because he does not deserve it, he is a scum of the worst kind and does not deserve anything but to be in a jail cell with nothing for the rest of his life. Even though I believe in the death penalty, I think he would suffer more knowing he will never get out and have to relieve everyday what he did to this girl and her family.

In CT, they found a girl who has been missing for a year in a cupboard of friends of her parents, does that mean the parents knew where she was an did not help her, or that these people, held her an the parents never knew. It is a miracle she is alive but how screwed up is she, this is a 15 year old girl, I hope these people are given the book and are never allowed near other children or anyone the rest of their lives.

These cases make you wonder exactly how sick is this world. For Kelsey Smith did she yell or struggle did no one in that Target shopping center see this an not help or was no one else out there? Then you have to think if you saw this would you have stepped in, or are you afraid to make a mistake an get in trouble yourself. Something to think about, I would like to think I would try to help, maybe block his way out of the parking lot, but you just never know how you will react.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Now, I am starting to stress about my 25th class reunion. I have been having nightmares of all the people who were either mean to me in High School or plan did not like me. You would think after 25 years we would grow up, but if my 20th was any indication some of us are still catty, b***** women.

My friend Kelly an I were in the bar after the reunion and the "Cool kids" were making comments about us, why I ask. Now, that I realize I am going alone to the reunion, which a few weeks ago, I was fine with but as it gets closer am I going to look like an idiot? Am, I just being a girl, or just a scaredy cat?

I am a mature woman (more or less), an have a fabolous dress, have lost now 20lbs, and wish I had more confidance in myself. Now, I wish my husband was coming for a buffer, but I know he would not enjoy himself due to not knowing anyone. I can not believe it is now 3 weeks away, I have been thinking about this for months now, which is pathetic in its own right.

Any advise?
OK, it a few weeks is Fathers Day, an my husband keeps sending me the sales at "Levenger", I feel bad due to lack of funds have you ever gone to their webpage?

It has a Quote of the Week, helpful ways to organize and great furniture. I really want the Stackable Lateral Files and the Scotter Desk, not that we have room for anything else in our house but always nice to dream.

For my husband, even though I can not afford anything this "Fathers Day" my thoughts are with you an our trip out to Chicago in the Fall, we will stop an buy you something.

If you have been in a closet or under a rock and never heard of Levenger, I recommend for anyone who likes great stuff to organize or start your own home office to visit a store near you or shop on line.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I was reading my hometown paper The New London Day today, an the first article that caught my eye was:

Norwich reaches buyout deal with ZarnetskeSeventeen months of tensions, cold shoulders and flare-ups ended late Monday night after a two-hour, closed-door session when the City Council and City Manager Robert Zarnetske reached a buyout agreement that paid Zarnetske to leave his position as soon as the contract is signed.

Now the City of Norwich, CT is looking for a City Manager, according to the Article they have been for many months and at first in secret. Now, I grew up in Norwich, my Uncle was on the City Council an so was my Stepfather for many years. I love Norwich, which is funny for me to say since when I was 12 years old my first thought was always to get out of this town. Now, that I have lived many places, when people ask me where I am from Mystic comes out. Why? Because it just has such a good sound to it don't you think?

I would love to become the City Manager of Norwich, except I do not have the education, I have the ability, I am a quick study an know to surround myself with people that can contribute to the whole picture. I know Norwich can be great again, as it was in the early 1900's, before we left CT, we were living in Norwich and could see all the progress. The Mashutuckets built the new building for offices, a restaurant an such. There was 3 new restaurants right downtown, the New Otis Libary which is compelete now, an the Wauregan Hotel is all new. I have pictures of the Town of Norwich in its heyday. It would be nice to help it grow and prosper. I realize I would never get the chance due to my lack of a college degree but it always nice to dream about. On how you would improve your hometown. My husband an I have been searching for our own Starrs Hollow and part of me believes it is back in CT, in order to get back there, we would have to be offered some incredible opportunity.

How would you improve your town?

Monday, June 04, 2007

I am a bit slow today, I didn't watch any news all weekend. Bad I know, but sometimes it gets to be too much. So, as usually in the morning I go on to the Fox News web page, CNN and MSNBC just to see every one's different views.

What caught or did not catch my eye was on Fox no real mention of the Democratic Debate that took place in New Hampshire, Here is what CNN said on their front page of their web page.

"Eight presidential candidates fought to make their points during a two-hour debate in New Hampshire Sunday. Former Sen. John Edwards blasted Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over their handling of a recent war spending bill. Clinton answered the charge and added, "The differences between us are minor. The differences between us and the Republicans are major."

"Sen. John Edwards blasted Clinton and Obama for not taking the lead on a recent war spending bill. Edwards voted for the October 2002 resolution that authorized the invasion of Iraq, but now calls that vote a mistake." Quite Interesting?

Did you see the foiled attack at JFK airport? Doesn't there seem to be quite a few foiled attacks lately? I am not judging, I am happy that they are foiled but it scares the s*** out of me. When President Bush spoke at the graduation at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. He mentioned that 9/11 is not the last attack we will see on American soil. (This is not a quote).

What scares you most, pulling out of the war and seeing a war pop up here on American Soil from terrorist who we have no idea what is going on in their heads? If it wasn't for the two men who came forward on both of these foiled attempts what would of happened? Believe me, I hate to be in a war and see all these americans dying, but I am more afraid of what is out there if we pull out. As, I stated earlier today, I remember the images of the Vietnam war on TV as a child and the fall of Saigon, is this the same kind of war?

Who is to say what is right or wrong? I am reading a book called, " Triangle of Death" granted when this book begins I was not born, but I never knew what had happened in Vietnam to cause the war. I never knew the French had control of Vietnam from 1860-1940's, an were not nice.

"The french force fed them Catholicism an starved them when they failed to meet production quotas. When workers got sick in the cement an the textile factories, itw as deemed more cost effective to just let them die without medical attention an replace them with fresh workers. "

It got worse because being the french in 1940 they surrended to the Nazi's. Which of course, was another reign of terror. Then the Americans helped put in place Ngo Dinh Diem. Who with his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu took the American Support and Money we kept throwing at them an were even worse than the French an the Nazi's. Even when the US finally realized what was happening, they snubbed us by doing exactly what they wanted and felt they did not have to listen to the US, even though it was our money.

This book is just one of them that is now telling the truth well over 40 years later, is that what is going to happen with this war? In 2047 people would have forgotten, an then it will come out the truth? I am not saying the Democrats or the Republicans are spewing the truth, but it something I would like to know. Just something to think about when you are deciding who to vote for in the next election, by the way, the president in 1960 was JFK, if you didn't know and Diem and Nhu were assasinated November 1963 and three weeks later so was JFK, is that not interesting?
My weekend this week was not good. It was rainy all day on Sunday which we do need down here in North Carolina, but on Saturday I stayed in the house all day wallowing so I did nothing but eat, drink and sleep all weekend. We had no funds so I could not even go for a drive to get out of the house, I can tell you by 6pm on Sunday, I was going stir crazy!!!

I tried not to show it to my husband, he is trying so hard to make our situation better, but I am a horrible actress, which would explain why when I was a theatre major, I liked being behind the scenes more. I hope everyone else had a better weekend. Did anyone see the Democratic Debate in New Hampshire? Shocker, all the problems in the world are President Bush's according to Hillary Clinton as if her husband never did anything wrong politically when he was the President. Just a statement...

I was watching the History Channel an they were showing things I remember as a child in the 1970's. 3-mile Island in PA, the fall of Saigon in April 1975, Kent State the first gay march in April 1970, Roe Vs. Wade, and of course Watergate, all put to music of the time. I was just a child during the 1970, but I remember it vividly, especially the Fall of Saigon an the images on the TV of those poor people trying to get on the helicopters. These things will stay with me my whole life, just like 9/11 will stick with me. Are we any better than were in the 1970's ? Just a question for people to ask themselves.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My natural hair color is dark brown, in the last few years, I have added blonde highlights, red highlights even purple highlights. In December I went "red" all over and then in March Red with blonde highlights. I loved being so bright that is how I felt, well due to some money of lack of it this week, I had to cancel my hair appointment. So, I got a box of die and went back to my dark brown hair, and I hate it beyond belief.

Everytime, I look in the mirror I do not feel pretty, even my less 20lbs on my frame not making me feel any better. How shallow am I? Now, of course, I do not want to go to my class reunion that I have been planning on attending for awhile as you know. I will have a little extra money in two weeks so I may just get a better style and not a color, but you never know what I will do to my hair. My sister "G" has had the same haircolor and style for about 15 years now, on her though it looks good, me on the other hand love to mix it up. I have had my hair, long, curly, short, bobbed, layered, red, black, light brown with blonde almost anything you can think of.

You may ask why do women do this? Sit in a chair for about 3 hours while someone fixes your hair to look better, an believe me it is a long boring process. My recent hairdresser likes to talk and I am not good with the small talk so I can not even enjoy that for 3 hours, I can read a book while I have foil on my hair, or under the hairdryer. My favorite thing to do in the beauty salon for me is to listen to other people's conversations, I love to hear their lives. It takes me away from my own problems or boredom. For me coloring my hair besides the experience at the salon it is how I feel about myself. I used to have some great hairdressers over the year, I used to love to go in and say do whatever you want, you know what looks good on me. I do not have the bond with this hairdresser, an part of me does not believe I ever will.

The other thing is when you feel bad about anything in your life, you go an transform your look, an all of a sudden you feel as if you are a 'new' person, not that I am but just a little hair cut makes me feel as if I am a brand new person. How bad does that sound? Right now as I write this, I have curlers in my hair trying to make it look better and not so dark as if this is going to help. I know I am wallowing, I didn't even leave the house all day not even to go to the pool.

We will see how my hair color is in two weeks and if I need to go in for a new look. If the dark holds maybe I will just splurge on highlights around the face, an I will go to my reunion.

Friday, June 01, 2007

You, will be happy to know at no surprise we lost. My team had some good words but our team lost, the other team was getting points of 20 or more, our highest was 15 points. It was alot of fun, maybe if I hadn't had two drinks before hand I might of done better, but I doubt it.

Anyone who reads my post's know I am a really bad speller....

Did anyone see the news about Raleigh, NC? There is a new law that goes into play on Monday, June 4, what is it you ask? It is on any property you can only have 3 American Flags up, no more.. If you have more than 3 it is a $500 fine per day per flag are you kidding me? Drive around an see how many business have alot of flags up to show their support for the troops and their patriotism, who is behind this? Someone who is not American? Then leave our country. I find it appalling that they can actually say, you are only allowed 3 flags, write to your congressman before it gets past North Carolina..