Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well, I started my new job yesterday, it is going well. It is amazing what you need to do when starting a new job, and trying to figure out where you fit in or don't fit in. I do love the Inn, so looking forward to making it a success, along with getting my confidence back.


Ok - first I watched the Chicago one when Vicki and Jeanna went out to see Shane play baseball. I was offended by the way Shane and his brother Colby talked to their mother Jeanna and I wonder if I was offended on TV how did the other people feel who were sitting at the dinner?

On the other hand the editing was so bad, when dinner started they showed Shane eating the last of his steak, then cut to him eating soup, then cut again, the waitress serving the Steak, then cut to end of dinner and then back again to Shane eating the Steak. They manipulated the whole dinner, so as the audience we have no idea what really happened or how.

Next- Lynn you need to stop babying Rachel, she is 18 get a job or go to school, you are not helping her by letting her just drift, what kind of productive person is she going to be, if you just let her do whatever she wants and you will pay for it?
Underage drinking is wrong no matter what!!! Do you seriously think she is not drinking away from the house,if you are letting her drink at your parties?

Then I watched Las Vegas- Again, they manipulated the dinner, first Vicki had her drink and then appetizers, then cut to dinner being served, then back again to appetizers. I hate being manipulated, it did seem Vicki was trying to be nice to Lynn but it was a effort, but not sure if that is real or not.

I am looking forward to tonights show with the road trip, and next week the Real Housewives of NY are coming back, and it looks like the gloves are off, and we get to see what these women are made of really.

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