Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Today, we went to Wolfeboro, NH to look around for apartments/housing. We saw a real cute one right by the Town Hall, I loved the fact on first floor, downtown, all the walls were painted colors not that basic white and a washer/dryer in the apartment. Didn't like the fact small, and only 2 bedroom and no study, and no dining room. The Kitchen was long but not big enough for our dining room table. I like having a spare bedroom in case of company.

We looked at this perfect house big enough great room, newly painted, huge walk in closet, storage, deck off the back. Didn't like again only 2 bedrooms but still pretty big, not in town at least 6 miles away may not sound like a lot but try getting through Wolfeboro in the summertime?

We have decided to apply for the 1st place we saw when we came up for my 1st face to face interview. I can walk to work, it has 2 bedrooms and a study, yes on the 2nd floor but no one above us. It does have its down falls but of all the ones we saw which besides the other 2 mentioned we saw 5 more, not worth mentioning. Then we went looking for grocery stores, it looks like we will no longer be going to Shaw's it will be "Hannaford's" which is fine and new at that place.

So, now we wait to see if we get the place, and until then we move into the Hotel.

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