Monday, February 02, 2009

Day 126- I truly believe the Wolfeboro position will come about soon, so we decided not to spend the money and go down to Lynchburg, VA. Instead, we are going to visit friends in CT for the day and of course, go down to "Book Barn" in East Lyme, our favorite bookstore in the world.

We stayed at my older sis's house last night, she was in PA visiting her husband who had gotten a position down there after his lay off a few months back, her kids are both in college. I love her house my sister has quite the decorating ability, I would love. She finds interesting pieces all over and makes it something you would not predict. In her bathroom, she has a wooden plank with 3 old faucets attached, something you would find in a hardware store to sell the faucets. She is using it to hang her necklaces. She has different frames of her family, and the wonderful colors on the walls.

Her house should be in House and Gardens or Town and Country something like that, it really is a home to show and the fact that it makes you feel so comfortable. I really do appreciate my family so much.

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