Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day 127- A good day for me. I did get the job offer from the place in Wolfeboro, NH, so now we are on the phone and online looking for a place to live. They are nice enough to let us stay in the hotel for the next two weeks, we are hoping to find a place before that time is up. The husband is trying to find people willing to work with us on the deposit, being out of work for 4 months is very hard on the check book, and once you start a job it is at least 2 weeks before your first paycheck.

I really am excited to be going back to work, and a bit scared. New company, new place, I really like my new bosses, and am looking forward to settling down with a company I can grow with and not move for at least 3 years, if even then. Wolfeboro is such a cute town, it does remind me of Starrs Hollow we will have to wait and see how the people are once we are settled into the town. Even though we did look in Illinois and Wisconsin to be closer to his family and friends, I am a New England girl and for me it is the place to be.

Thanks everyone for listening to my rants on being unemployed. We are now embarking on another new state and new place to live, you never know what this new adventure will bring.

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