Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 76 no job: Today, I received an email from my Hyatt account that I should I apply for this position in Chicago, I have already applied for this position 2x and can not get anyone on the phone to actually help me. It is all down on computers and through email, it stinks, I would be perfect, and all I want is and interview, now that we know we want to center on Chicago or Milwaukee you think it would be easier to find a position, now that we have narrowed it down. NOPE!! Everyday on the news you hear about how bad it is and how the unemployment rate is the highest for 15 years and how many people have gotten laid off in the last month.

We are coming up on Christmas and the end of the year, so I of course am reflecting on the past year, and I still have unresolved issues around being laid off from Sebasco. Believe me, I know it had to be done and I was not the only one, it just hurts. I am having nightmares about the place, and what I should of done or could of done to make it better. I loved that property, and wanted to stay for awhile. I liked the fact we seemed to be a family/team and then I was let go out of the life raft.

My husband wants me to be more positive and not get down on myself, my self-confidence has taken a beating and now I have to get myself back up and find the right position for me, and go after it with all I have and not look back. It is easier said then done, but he is right. I have to stop beating myself up over something I can not change and move ahead.

I am going after this Hyatt position, if I don't get it at least I will know I have done everything I could, instead of sitting on the side lines waiting for them to notice me... Stayed Tune...

OH, we are in Hilton Head and the husband is sick, so he is laying down and I am working on the computer...

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