Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 82; No job!! I feel so worthless without a job, and the fact other people are losing their jobs does not make me feel any better. I realize this is and awful time to be looking for work, but since I have been looking since September makes me feel more and more like a failure.

We are in Hilton Head,SC and today is 70' sunny and beautiful, the husband is on the phone with a client and then we are going for a walk, and then to do some errands, we really need to get rid of our garbage and bottles. Christmas is 6 days away and there is nothing in this house to make me feel like Christmas, the husband promised we could get a few decorations, I am thinking a palm tree with lights, due to there is no possibility of having a White Christmas here. My family up in New England and his in the Midwest are all having a white Christmas with ice thrown in for good measure.

We had finished all our shopping before I was laid off, so that is all taken care of and my mom will distribute them, the only one left is each other and my dad, we are thinking since we are down here, we will get a gift card to one of their restaurants they like down here, and for letting us stay at the house. I am worried if nothing breaks where will we go next? Personally if we are going to be homeless, we mine as well stay in the warm weather, maybe Florida.

We have decided to go to Savannah for New Years Eve, for a bit of fun. It is not that far from here, so we just have to be careful with driving and such. I have looked it up, there does not seem to be anything big planned down there, but for us it will be fine. We may change our minds if something good is happening here on the Island.

We are now going to walk and work out, the husband is determined to lose the 25lbs he gained while on our drive around the country, and I don't want to set myself up for failure but am going to work out too and whatever happens, happens.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

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