Monday, December 22, 2008

Well it is 3 days until Christmas, is everyone out there ready? The Elves up in the North Pole are finishing the last touches, and it looks like the Northeast and Midwest will be getting a "White Christmas".

It is day 85 for no job and I am feeling like the biggest failure in the world. We are doing fine right now, we are in Hilton Head, where today is a chilly 30-40', and sunny, by Christmas it is suppose to be back up to 78', that will not make it seem too christmassy for myself, but I am still in good spirits.

We finished our shopping back in October and have sent all the gifts out to the family. I have been riding the bike down here, it clears my head and makes me feel as if I am achieving something, what have no idea but it is making me feel better so that is good.

The Husband is working hard with his business, we are at the libary because the internet connection at the house is very slow... and this way I can use one at the same time and apply for work.

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday season....

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