Monday, December 08, 2008

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Decide if you are in the right spot geographically. There is something to be said about moving closer to work. 3 stars

This is my horoscope today, since today is Day 72 without a job, this cracks me up. Obviously, I need a job. We are trying to stay in the Midwest, either Milwaukee or Chicago, we believe it is time to live in a city and in a Loft. We are hitting the road again today, we are going to St. Louis, and then Nashville and then on to Hilton Head, SC, gosh it has to be warmer than where we have been don't you think? We will most likely see snow there because we are, so we are bringing it East with us.

I seriously thought something would break by now, but no, I am still looking for work, I realize after watching the news the economy stinks, and 6.7% unemployment rate is the highest in 15 years, but that does not make me feel any better. My husband and I are at each others throats, 24/7 for 6 weeks is awful, I would not recommend it to any relationship. I have to believe we will be fine, but it is so tough, luckily when we get to SC I can go outside for walks and down to the water to do my own thing while he does his work on the computer. I am really hoping that since Hilton Head is a big tourist area I can get work at one of the hotels down there. Even if it is just for a year until we can get to the Midwest, but we really want Chicago, Milwaukee and I know everyone keeps telling me make sure it is the right move, and the right position not to just take a job but the longer it is, the more nervous and scared I become. I do not even share that with the husband anymore, he is the most optimistic person I know when it comes to our lives working out.

Tune in to see what happens next.

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