Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I am sitting in the Cafe at Barnes and Noble in Milkwaukee, WI. I always love to just sit and observe what is going on, and here is so much fun.

First there was the two ladies sitting down and one the pretty perky one is the Life Coach to the short, somewhat squat woman who wants a man to "complete her", and the the LC says, why? Then she asks, well then why are you getting married? I could not hear the answer but do not think she was buying it, because her response was again, see you have found him...

The older couple learning Italian because they are going to Italy in a few months and want to be prepared, the father with his two daughters all dressed in pink, in my head I am calling them the pink family. Even the cookie he bought has pink sprinkles. The guy on his headset doing his work, instead of in his office.

Then we have the 40 year old + woman who is on the phone telling about her bad dates, awful men having affairs and such is her life to never find her own man. Even one man who expected her after 1 date to buy him tires for his car since he paid for dinner. The young couple on their first date, not going well, since she is applying lipstick and ignoring him.. Poor guy, does he realize he is not her soul mate?

My husband was working in the ride up here on the computer and then he needed another few hours so he came in here, and I sit and observe people, it is fun, to try to figure out what makes people tick, and what their lives encompass. There are only a few people in the cafe who are actually drinking coffee, the rest are socializing, I myself read my People magazine without buying it, and now we are off to meet his friends and have bought nothing. We have spent enough in this store to last us a lifetime.

We will do site seeing in the morning...

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