Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!! It is Christmas Eve and I have been reflecting on my life and this year, more so due to being without a job it is Day 87!!

I saw and article in the New London Day today in regards to two women getting their purses stolen from their cars as they were at a restaurant. The police warning people of having their gifts visuable, it struck me as just sad but it is reality. I then remembered back in 2003 Christmas time, I was shopping at the Crystal Mall, and when I was putting the packages in the car, placed my purse on the ground and forgot it.

I went to meet my boyfriend (now husband) for dinner and it was going to be my treat, of course no purse we went back to the parking lot 10 minutes later and it was gone, I was in tears. Had dinner but can not tell you anything about it well, when I got home there was a message, from a stranger he pulled in to the spot after me with his kids and found my purse, he lived in Hope Valley, RI, I met him half way to pick it up. I will never forget how nice, understanding and sweet he was, nothing was taken and he was just being a good person.

Ever since then I try not to judge people and assume everyone is out to steal or take what is not theirs. The other day we were in Moe's Grill and the gentleman in front of me forgot his Credit Card on the counter, I picked it up and handed it back to him, he smiled and said, "thank you, I am a bit out of sorts" , I told him it happens. He was with 6 kids, and that can be overwhelming for anyone.

Just pass it on, especially at this time of year, people's minds are a million miles away and sometimes they just need a little help and kindness. I will miss my family Christmas Eve party this year, but I am very lucky, I have a strong marriage with a good man, my health ( a bit overweight) and a place to lay my head, I may have no job at the moment but my faith in everything working out is at the fore front of my mind. I have been thinking lately about faith and beliefs in what you can not see, well I believe Christmas is a time for miracles, and to remember what is important, not the gifts but being grateful for all you have.

So, I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!!!

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