Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well, tomorrow is the day, we are leaving at 4am. We need to be in Ohio for dinner by 4pm or 5pm so we can get to the hotel and then meet his friend in Akron by 6pm.

It is a 12 hour ride, we are going the Northern route so I get to see places I have never been to, like Rochester or Buffalo, may not sound exciting but I think it would be interesting. I really do not want to go across PA again, that is a big state, we did that one time to Pittsburgh and it was boring.

I am getting more nervous, but very excited, we start packing the car today, and just leave out what we are wearing in the morning, so that we do not have to disturb my mom in the morning. The husband will drive first, and then I will take over. My unemployment still has not kicked in, but should on Friday, I have been approved, just waiting for it to happen. I swear they make it so difficult in order for you to find a job so they do not actually have to ever pay it.

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