Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 2 of the adventure. Yesterday, we started at 4:30am and left Naples Maine, and drove to Cleveland, OH, we were going to go up through Buffalo, Rochester, instead we went RT 17/86W through New York State and hooked up to 90W in Erie, PA instead of the 13 hour drive we finally got to the hotel at 9:00pm, due to the fact SNOW! SNOW! Yes, folks winter has begun.

The worse was once we hit Erie, PA it was a snow effect off of Lake Erie, we just read in the paper 24inches fell in Buffalo, so by altering our drive, we were not delayed as long as we could of been. Today, the husband has a business call at 9am then lunch with one of his clients at Noon and tonight dinner with some friends of his. We will be exploring Cleveland after Lunch and then again tomorrow morning before we get back in the car for Chicago. We are going to be in Chicago for 1 night but all day on Thursday, YEAH!! I love Chicago so that will be fun.

I am telling you by the last hour in the car I wanted to jump out and never get back in, it was a LONG!! Day, we are video taping this trip, and will be putting it on utter soon, I hope our friends and family like the video. We figure if anything happens to us people can see what we were doing.

I can not wait to see Cleveland, after his meeting we are going out and about for awhile and getting some groceries for the road. Also, breakfast the breakfast here at the hotel way too expensive. I feel drained today, so glad we are not making another long drive today, and took a day in between.

I will write more later.

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