Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 3 was yesterday of the adventure and we drove through Indiana, what a boring state that is, from outskirts of Cleveland to Chicago is so figuring boring. All you see is corn fields upon corn fields. Stephen read and slept while I drove which was fine. He did take over some of the driving, but I felt bad because he did alot of driving on Monday, and I can not drive so well at Night, yes folks my eyes are going, I so need glasses.

We did go to South Bend, Indiana to see the campus of Notre Dame, we did a blurp of it on video at our, what a beautiful place, I remember listening to Regis talk about Notre Dame on his show when I watched him, so I had to see it. Well worth it, people were so nice to show us where to go, and what we should see while we are there. Of course, we went into the bookstore, which the husband loved..

We decided not to stay in Chicago, we are at his folks house and are going into Chicago for the day today, and coming back out here tonight, which is great, then no hotel payment required, we can save that money for Wisconsin when we head up there next week. I did apply for (2) jobs today, one in Florida and the other in South Carolina, even though the Florida job is a Director position, the South Carolina one is absolutely beautiful property, we will see if anything happens. I did let them know I would be down there in December. I am still kind of hoping for a position to materialize right here in Illnois especially in Chicago, I love that area.

Well keep reading the blog and seeing where we are. WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE STEPHEN AND PAULA?

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Jenny said...

I'm rooting for Chicago too! ;)