Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 7 of the trip: Yesterday, was meet with the bride and finalize some of the wedding plans, we will be talking to the Hotel on Monday, to make sure they are all set for my husband's sisters wedding on Saturday, Nov. 29. She has had a few snags along the way, including the Minister telling her 3 weeks prior, he would not be here for her wedding, but the interium minister will, but you can not meet him until the Sunday before your wedding. The DJ never calling back, and not having a timeline.

I did the timeline yesterday, and asked her some questions, none that really got answered, I think she was a bit upset I have not done more, it was hard being so far away, and everytime I asked she had it under control. I am upset at myself not her, but we are both here now, and we will get it all taken care of, he would never let anything not be perfect at his little sister's wedding.

Last night, we went to the local playhouse production of " A Christmas Carole", it was so cute, the Ghost of Christmas Past, was about 10 years old, and she was so cute, on stage at one point she was waving her arms and yawning. I have seen this play many times, but this one was the most fun, and had the biggest cast I have ever seen. This playhouse is doing a play next season about Cinderella and Prince Charmings marriage is on the rocks, and the kingdom almost bankrupt, what will they do? I know we will most likely not be here, but I wish we were, just to see what happens.

Today, we are finally going to see the husband's best man and his wife, they are always alot of fun. He is enjoying his hearty political conversations with his dad and uncle the other day, this will be another one of these I am sure. I just sit back and listen not participate these people are all so strong in their opinions and can articulate so well, I have my own opinions but can not speak as articulate and do not want to look like stupid. When we meet up with my friend Dacia I am sure that will be another conversation, he does love the debates and throughly enjoys himself which I do love.

It has been so hard being with each other 24/7 for this road trip, and we will be back just the two of us soon enough.


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