Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OK, yesterday was wonderful, we did a little video in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Cleveland Brown stadium, if you want to see it you can go to, and you can follow along on our trip.

We met up with the husbands friend for lunch in Akron, at restaurant VEGterran which is Chrissie Hynes from the Pretenders Restaurant. Now, the husband is far from a vegatarian, but we were both impressed the food was excellent. Chrissie Hynes was eating lunch right behind us, and he would not take a picture. My camera was in the car and "NO" my cellphone has no camera yes it is old but right now, I do not need anything but the phone itself.

Then another of his blogger friends invited us over for dinner which is so nice since we are on the road traveling. I did not know until after we left the husband had never met her, only on line. So, it made it even nicer for her to invite us into her home we appreciated that so much.

It kept snowing in OHIO, we get back on the road toward Chicago with a few stops wait and see where we are next.

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