Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomorrow, is tax day. What are you planning? My husband and I will be attending (2) Tea Party Demonstrations, 1. In Concord, NH and the other in Manchester, NH.
Below is the email we received. Now, this is my first one, so I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I believe we all have the right to our beliefs without persecution, or name calling.
Dear Tea Partiers;
This is a NH Tea Party Coalition EXTRA eblast being sent to you on April 13, 2010 for some last minute TEA PARTY DETAILS for April 15, 2010.
WE HOPE TO SEE YOU at the TEA PARTY in MANCHESTER NH on APRIL 15 at 5:30 PM in Victory Park which is between Chestnut Street and the Manchester City Library.
On Chestnut Street there is a parking garage and along Concord Street there is a parking lot with certain spaces designated for the general public. Please watch for the time allotment on the meters and at what time of day the metering stops.
WE HAVE CONFIRMED BOTH Michigan's US Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (most recently seen on RedEye) and former US Senator from NH Gordon Humphrey as our KEYNOTE SPEAKERS for the Tea Party in Manchester on April 15th, 2010 at 5:30 PM. Thom Thomson will also speak.
Further, we will have some of the representatives from our supporting groups each speak to you briefly. Below is a list of groups that will have tables/speakers and also the major candidates who will have tables. (All candidates from all parties were invited to have this opportunity) Note: Major candidates will not speak but they or their representatives can meet and talk with you individually at their tables.
***Please stop by the booth with the green canopy and yellow NHTPC banner and pick up a TOS notice. We don't anticipate any crashers, but just in case, good to know what to do. There will be 4 officers on the premises.
You may also download the TOS here: Here are some ideas for signs that address current issues of concern. Often you can use these slogans to start a conversation which will educate others.
STATEAx the Tax (all 70 of the new ones imposed by this NH legislature - take your pick of which!)Low Taxes are the Result of Low SpendingStop the $300 Million Lynch Deficit Affirm States Rights - Keep Feds Out (especially pertains to health mandates which are going to cost states dearly)Second Amendment - It's My RIGHT (NH whittling away at this)Stop the LYNCHING of New Hampshire!
FEDERALHANDS OFF My IRANO VAT Tax (Value Added Tax would tax manufacturers and be passed on to you in costs of goods)NO Cap and Tax (EPA will say CO2 is poison and taxes you on energy consumption - Waxman/Markey Bill HR 2454)Hands Off the People's Internet (Net Neutrality would impose controls)Audit the Fed (Ben Bernanke & Bankers talk about new taxes on us while taking huge bailouts and bonuses and manipulating the interest rates, printing worthless paper money, and causing inflation)Stimulus = Bigger Government (did not create a single private sector job)NO Government Controlled Media (Marc Lloyd wants 'fairness doctrine' - government control over airwaves and reporters to work for government which is almost de facto now)Restore the Republic
GENERALStop Taxing the Middle ClassStop the SpendingVote them ALL Out in 2010Time to Clean House, and Senate Too!Stop Redistributing My Wealth
Here is what we think is a complete list as of this hour:
Representative/Marine Al Baldasaro will lead the Pledge of Allegiance with Gold/Blue Star Moms EMCEE - Grant Bosse from NH Watchdog Keynote Speakers are Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, former US Senator Gordon Humphrey and Thom Thomson, son of former NH Governor Meldrim Thomson who coined the phrases, "Low Taxes are the Result of Low Spending" and "Ax the Tax".
GROUPS who will be there and SPEAKERS (not necessarily in this order and not all groups will speak)Because this is ever-changing, there may be more than this actually coming.
Americans For Prosperity NH - Corey Lewandowski, NH CoordinatorAmerican Majority - Dave TilleCoalition of NH Taxpayers- Ed Naile, ChairCornerstone Policy Research-Action - Kevin Smith, DirectorConcerned Women of America-NH - Elaine Driscoll, ChairGraniteGrok - Skip Murphy, and others on Blogger's RowGranite State Taxpayers - Steve StepanekLibertarian Party of NH - Rich TomassoManchester 912 - Pam Smith, OrganizerNashua 912 - Lorna Andoscia, OrganizerNH Advantage Coalition - Senator George Lovejoy NH Federated Republican Women - Jenn Wrobleski NH Firearms Coalition - Dave WheelerNH Liberty Alliance - Dan Itse, NH State RepresentativeNH Right To Life - Bill SmithRepublican Liberty Caucus NH - Jim Forsythe Rochester 912 - Jerry DeLemusRockingham County 912 - Ron Marchand10th Amendment - Bob Silva
Ayotte, Kelly - RBinnie, William – R Lamontagne, Ovide - R
US CONGRESS from NH – District 1
Ashooh, Richard - RBestani, Bob - RGuinta, Frank – R US CONGRESS from NH – District 2
Giuda, Robert – R GOVERNOR OF NH
Kimball, Jack – RStephen, John - R
Jim Forsythe - State SenateBrendan Kelly - State Rep

SEE YOU ON THE 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- The NH Tea Party Organizers

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