Sunday, April 04, 2010

It is Easter Sunday, I am sitting at the front desk here at the Inn, to work the 1st shift. I always enjoy working the front desk, for the fact, I get to meet the guests, here the comments and see what we are doing successful or not successful depending. We are having an Easter Brunch, we did make the mistake of not informing our guests there would be "NO" breakfast in the restaurant today, only a continental served in the lobby. We need to inform guests, only (1) Person was upset and we did manage to help him out, that does not excuse our lack of informing our guests.

Easter Brunch is going well, right now it is 136pm, and it reminds me of when I would work a big brunch at the Floodtide restaurant in Mystic, usually I would either hostess, food runner or bus tables, it was a way not be scheduled on a Sunday night. I hate working Sunday nights, it seems the people that have no clue how to act in public, go out on Sunday nights, in the business, we would call it amateur night. In the business, you notice some interesting behavior by people.

Friday night, is more of a "tavern/bar" crowd people after work, singles, people who have decided to not cook, it is less contrived. Saturday night, date night, out with group of friends, definately more planned and more uppidity. I really depends on the type of restuarant and location. In Mystic, where I worked was a high end restaurant, known for tableside presentations, romance, great business dinners, long leisurely dinners. Now, it has changed with the times, I miss it sometimes.

Where we work now, I really have nothing to do with the restaurant, I will help out if need be, due to the husband is the Manager, I prefer not to work with him as my boss, so its best if I stay out of it. He is working tonight, due to we have no children and other people want to spend it with their families, most likely will come back around 7pm and have dinner with him.

Holiday's are tough in the business, it is a hotel/resort so we are open everyday of the year and 24 hours a day, so someone always has to work. So, I dressed up for the holiday and then when i go home it will be "SHORTS" it is 70' and beautiful out, unbelievable the first week of April. This has been such a mild winter and it really feels like spring, YEAH!! The last few years it seemed winter forever, two weeks of spring and right into summer, this year seems more relaxed, and reminds me of renewing and when I was younger.

When you in the hospitality business you are thinking 6 months to a year ahead for business. I am looking now for Holiday Parties, and next years wedding season, so it is sometimes hard to live in the moment, and enjoy the time. Lately, my past has been coming back to me in different ways, and makes me wonder at some of my decisions?

I do wonder if I had made some different decisions where I would be today? Then I worry that I would not have this wonderful life, I have a great husband, we live in such a beautiful spot, and are living well. Nothing extravagant but gives us enough money to have fun, travel and enjoy ourselves. We may never be rich in the money sense, but definately in every other sense we are already "RICH".

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