Thursday, December 31, 2009

It has been quite the year. We started out in Hilton Head, SC unemployed and looking for work. In February, I got a job opportunity in Wolfeboro, NH we moved up here on Feb.10, 2009. We moved into a place close to town and work, so we saved money by really only needing (1) Car.

The snow started and did not seem to stop, as we blew into March and April, the hotel under construction, trying to ease all the brides minds, we would be ready and open by Memorial Day. We had a group in early May, and had everything in the Lobby, and served meals out of a guest room, we pulled together and made it happen. Then the "Opening" on Memorial Day weekend it was incredible, busy, a few bumps.

Then in June we lost our chef, he left, our restaurant manager was not doing much better, she was gone by the end of June. The rain in June kept coming but would clear up enough for the brides to get their perfect ceremony and pictures over the Lake. July 4, we handed out hotdogs and lemonade during the parade. Met Jimmy Fallon and saw Justin Long and Drew Barrymore, it was quite festive. Then we watched all the fireworks over the Lake.

Our new restaurant manager started so did our new Chef. In July, we went camping yes me, to Gunstock for a weekend, so much fun, lots to do, he fished, I laid out in the sun, we walked around (not hiking) just relaxing, it was a great weekend.

In August, we went to Boston for a weekend, took incredible pictures had a great dinner. Then we lost another restaurant manager at the hotel, so they asked my husband to come in and take over the position. We decided it would be a good thing for both us, and we do not really "work"together. Then he started in September, for about a week, then we went down to Atlanta and stayed at Chateau Elan, it was a beautiful place, and a great weekend.

In September, Tom and Claudette came out for a weekend, we went to North Conway, laughed alot and Tom decided to come up New Years Eve. It was so wonderful to have my friends be able to visit, living only 4 hours away is great.

Then in October the husband hurt his ankle at work, then in mid October, he got incredibly sick, we could not figure it out, he could not hold anything down and was so very sick, lost 30lbs in about 4 weeks. It lasted another two weeks before we found out what was wrong right before Thanksgiving. On Halloween, we stood outside in the wonderful weather and handed out candy, our street comes alive every house participates. If the husband wasn't so sick,we most likely would of had even more fun, but he was bundled up as if it was freezing.

Thanksgiving brought my family up for the holiday, I of course, was stressing beyond belief but it was such a good time, we had a late dinner so we could both join them, it was a good time by everyone. On Friday, it started to rain, we had a big breakfast and said our good byes. Then the Holiday parties began, it was a worldwind in December then we went to CT with his folks who came out for the holiday, our 2nd christmas with them since 2005. They got to know my family more, good or not? I think it was a success, and now we are on New Years Eve.

The husband is already at work, it is going to be a long day for him. I am taking the morning , going in around 2pm, I have a wedding tonight, and a nice dinner with my friend Tom around 9pm. I just set the table for tomorrows breakfast and doing some cleaning so we can relax tomorrow, we will both be tired, but I think the husband will be wiped out, it has been so busy at work all week, he has been home so late.

Friend/Family News:
Our Friend Christian proposed to his girl Jen, next Dec. wedding, I am going to find them the best place.
Chef Steve proposed to Blake on Christmas Eve, we got them a joint Christmas/Engagement gift.
My cousin "D' dink of a husband left her two weeks before and he was scheming behind her back for about 2 months. DINK!! The family believes for the best, but she is so hurt we all keeping our mouth shut.

We are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in 2010, we have decided on a long weekend in Boston, I am planning it and so excited. Thinking of a big trip for 2011, we are not moving, we love it here.

It has been an interesting year, and we are not moving, working hard to stay here for at least another year, it might be longer but I dont' like to plan more than a year out, if you do that, you dont' really live in the present, which is really what life is about.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!

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