Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work has become so stressful, even when I am not here, I think and worry about work. I am thinking of taking next Tuesday off, but now I am worried about what I will come into if I actually take the day off from work.

My boss has gotten into a bit of trouble with the owners/big bosses and I am not sure if my boss is aware of it, I believe he/she knows it, because been acting a bit strange this week, actually here for more than a few hours, dressed correctly and having meetings to make sure everything is all set. I worry when one of the owners talked to me, that I said too much, but I was being honest.

I hate being the banquet manager and sales manager because my sales are suffering, because I can not do appointments on Saturday's when it is crucial to show a bride our best foot, especially when we are setting up for another wedding and they can imagine themselves, easier then showing them a blank space.

My husband is so sick of me talking about work, at work he is a different department so he doesnt want to hear what is happening in my department. Am, I just paranoid, or maybe the tables are turning on me, and not on the boss? You never know how sneaky people can be, I am always CYA, and still worry I will get screwed over. Sometimes, I hate my job other times, I wonder what would I do if not this?

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