Friday, August 13, 2010

Reality TV update:

Project Runway- what is with these Unconventional challenges? A party store? Gretchen bugs me, who does she think she is, she won 2 challenges, which I still think for the 2nd challenge should of gone to Valeric.

Mondo, Andy South I loved their garments and how interesting they are when they look at fashion. My favorite though was Michael Costello's - Red gown made out of plastic plates, so cool... April's looked like real material, I didn't love Sarah's but I like her and want to see more out of her.

Real Housewives of DC: Not sure how I feel, but Cat seems very uncomfortable around Sandi and her family which I don't understand. Michaela is a social climber and irates me to no end. Love Lynda.

Real Housewives of NJ: Danielle could you get any crazier? Italy looked like so much fun...

Big Brother - not watching it this summer, couldn't get into it, for some reason.

My new favorite shows this year is Glades, and Covert Affairs. Glades, he is just so obnoxious, smart and cute as anything...

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