Sunday, June 13, 2010

It has been quite the wet weekend up here in NH. I have either been hot, or cold no real comfort. Right now I feel as if everything is wet. We have both been working crazy hours, so even though we live and work together, I have barely seen my husband in about three weeks. Even today, he is going into the restaurant around 3pm to close. Last night, I worked 8am to 9pm and he worked 2pm-130am, long days! We knew it was going to be crazy for the summer after all it is tourist season.

The biggest problem is the gossip and backstabbing at work, I have been in the business along time, but have never seen so much of the backstabbing, or underhanded play to purposely hurt other people. I can't stand it, it is like being in high school all over again, except now we know it is manipulative and hurtful. In high school your hormones are raging and you are thinking with your heart not your head..

I have decided since he is working and nothing on tv, to have a "Gilmore Girls" marathon. I am going to go down to meet him for dinner, so at least we have a little time together. We do have tomorrow off together, most likely doing our errands and cleaning the house which I hate doing on our 1 day off together.

Last weekend, even out of work, our phones were ringing off the hook for work, YUKO! I am hoping no one calls for the next two days, I already went in this morning for 2 hours to make sure the wedding went fine after I left last night. Yes, I am venting about work, but only my perception right or wrong.

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