Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am waiting for today to end, I was working all day for events that were on the Boat, but I knew what was happening the whole time. Ton ight is a wedding, and the couple was not all that nice this week, so it is upsetting.

I just want to get to 10pm without a distress call, now it is a wait and see game. I have already had a few glasses of wine, so not much I can do, but the husband is at work, and can handle anything that happens.

I admit I was MOD at the hotel all day, and really did not want to handle any complimants, I would have if it came down to it, but I wanted to come home. I went to work at 815am and the husband came in at 6pm, I left work at 7pm. So another week without really seeing him, tomorrow I will go in the morning for 2 hours, to make sure the billing is all set for weekend.

Then we are going to the Berkshires for the night at another of our hotels. I just want to get out of town, work may call but we can't run down to help them. We live right up the street so it is easy for them to call us and we come running. I would love to hang out on the Lake but it is most likely they will call no matter what.

Next week is another 8 hour day..

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