Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today, at the bridal show someone asked me how to describe Wolfeboro, NH where I live. I had to think about it, and am still thinking, it is like a "Hamlet" is that the right word? What I mean is, it seems to be in the middle of nowhere, when you are driving on Rt.28, it just pops up, after you go through the woods. If you did not know the area, you may be saying where are they taking me?

Once you get here though it is amazing, in the summer you see Lake Winnepesaukee and want to immediately own a boat, or know someone who owns a boat, just to get on the Lake. It is so beautiful, in the winter you can hear the snowmobilers up and down the Lake and see the "Bob" huts of the ice fishermen. In the Spring, as you watch the snow finally melt after what seems the longest winter ever.. and the flowers start to bloom and the color back in the trees, it is such a rebirth it is amazing to watch. My favorite time is at the end of summer when autumn starts to take shape and colors go from Green to orange, reds, and vibrant yellows that you can't believe another summer has come and gone but look forward to putting on the sweaters and watching the colors overtake your senses.

I grew up a New England girl, and still after all this time I love watching the colors change, and feel like fall is my new year. I don't judge it by the new year, I judge it by the seasons. One because growing up school began in the fall and you could reinvent yourself over every year, and then in hospitality working weddings, you pretty much wait until the last wedding happens usually around October 20 time and know the bulk of the weddings are over. You may have a few weddings but not every weekend, and sometimes 2 or 3 a day on a Saturday.

We moved to Wolfeboro, NH on February 9, 2009, coming up on a year, and no plans to go anywhere for at least another year or two. We are both settling into the NH and the community, we have joined the Chamber, I joined Rotary and we both enjoy the feeling of being part of a community and making a difference.

As, I watch the snow outside, I know even though it is cold and wet right now, soon enough the spring will be here, and everything will be new and fresh again. When you live here you enjoy all the seasons. Living in NC it was nice not to have to deal with snow, but you also don't have a fall either. I am glad we are back in New England. So for now we are not moving on again.

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