Sunday, November 08, 2009

Well, my poor husband has been sick for 3 weeks, not H1N1, something else and no one at the hospital could help us, so went to a doctor on Wednesday, still waiting for results. HELLO!! He has not eaten since Wednesday and can't even keep fluids down, do they even care? Yesterday and Today, seem to be good days, only time will tell if he has finally taken a good turn. I have been stressing and so worried about him.

We have no insurance, due to the cost, then this morning I see the House has passed the bill 220-215, and now it is on to the Senate, I am not sure that is the best either that the government is taking over health care. When I was in London in 1987, my boyfriend (Todd) got hit by a car and we had to go to the hospital, it was scary and uninformative, it really was like all those WWII black/white movies I had seen about London. They have national health care, and I was not impressed, so I guess we have to wait and see what happens.

Also, when are we going to be able to see the bill passes, all of it so we can see what the crooked politicians are really trying to pass, are they doing this so quickly due to the fact that on Tuesday, America spoke and voted GOP, which even though I am a Republican I am not naive enough to think it was for the GOP as it was against Obama's presidency up to this point.

Then again are these new politicians going to really make a difference? Part of me thinks the two party system needs to go away and we really need people in there who are the "people" not the boys/girls groomed since they were little to be a politician like Dodd, Kennedy etc. you know what I mean.

I so worry about this country, my gosh Fort Hood, Orlando in the last two days, just people having no respect for life, its heart breaking to think they have no problem hurting people just working and going on with their lives, because you don't like something or you took it way to personally. What is this country coming to? We have enough enemies against the USA then to start killing from within our borders.

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