Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reality TV:

Cake Boss- I really enjoy Buddy and his crew, they really are a true team. Today, I watched one with a "Bridzilla" named Allison she was awful, how disrespectful to destroy the cake that he worked so hard on for you, then when in 24 hours, he made a new cake, and delivered it himself she was even more of a bitch to him upon the delivery. How does any person feel it is ok, to treat another person so awful? Especially a professional.

Real Housewives of OC: I am upset that Jeanna is leaving but the way Vicki has treated her, is so awful that Jeanna is hit by the economy hard? You act as if you are all sweet and nice but you really are awful to drop a friend of lack of funds and what the hell is going on with Tamara and Gretchen? What does Gretchen do to make money? It is not as if her Yard Sale made any money.
Tamara believe me it is hard to give up a house you worked hard for, but living simply is so much better than stressing about making your next mortgage payment, we all understand in this economy it is tough.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe and Kim make the best TV, are they for real?

I do want to see "Lawman" just because it is Steven Seagal what the hell is that?

Say Yes to the Dress: What was with the girl who tried on over 100 dresses and wanted to try 40 in one day is she just that undecisive? Sometimes brides have no idea that too many choices is not always for the best, why do you not trust your own opinion? That you have to give all these choices?

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