Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving is over, and soon will be starting to decorate for Christmas. It was so nice to have my family here, I was kind of a b**** stressing about if my family is having fun, and then what they will do to embarrass me or get me in trouble at work. We are not the quietest people in the world.

It was fine, I just was such a stess monster, I could not truly enjoy my family. It is overwhelming with all of them here, could not really get any quality time. They seemed to love the hotel and are making plans to come back in smaller numbers and enjoy the area. My sisters are coming in February, and my cousin and her husband too. That will be more manageable and not a holiday.

Mom is coming for the First Night celebration along with a good friend of mine, looking forward to Christmas Eve, my in-laws are coming, which makes me so happy, for my husband. I feel guilty my family does get most of the holidays and other events. He is working and will come home change and go back to work, it is a long weekend for him, work wise.

Why do I stress myself? When my sisters entertain at their houses, it seems so easy and everyone flows, I act like a crazy person... I am so not Martha Stewart, not even close, I can handle weddings for hundreds of people, and make it go so smootly, but my family comes and I act like I have no clue how to handle large groups.

I have always felt like and outsider within my family, which was a long time ago? Why do we all fall back into our roles growing up when we are all together, even though we are all married most with kids of our ownm, but put us all together, I revert back to being the youngest, am I the only one?

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