Monday, August 31, 2009

This weekend was crazy, the weather was rainy and windy and the wedding was under a tent. I will admit that I was nervous of the fact it might go down during the wedding, luckily it held up, and the bride and groom seemed very happy. This weekend we have a wedding on Sunday, and I am so excited, because the husband and I are going away next weekend for my birthday. We are going to a Winery/Spa in Georgia it is called, "Chateau Elan". I have not booked any spa as of yet, but looking forward to it very much.

We had such a nice time Sunday and Monday, the weather cleared up and it was so nice outside, we went down to Portsmouth on Sunday, and went to the bookstore and then to see the movie, "District 9", it was a very interesting movie, it is hard to explain but I think everyone should go see it. Who is to say there aren't aliens out there?
What was great about it, they did not spoon feed the first encounter it wasn't even in the movie.

Today,was errand day, laundry, grocery shopping, we would of cleaned the apartment except that during the rain storm on Saturday, our ceiling started to fall apart. They came today and covered the whole but that was it, they need to really fix it and plaster it before the next storm.

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