Saturday, August 01, 2009

August 1 - I am starting to feel as if I might lose another job. My sales have been down and lets me honest how much do I care? There is no incentive, and I am really not a greedy person, but without the proper commission basis and none on rooms exactly what is my incentive to work hard for this company?

I work hard for my clients and some appreciate it, but usually they ask for more and more from me, and give no appreciation back. I am still angry at the Father of the Bride from Jun 26 he is a compelete a** and is still running his mouth all over town. Luckily, my boss did not give in to his demands and we gave no money back, which is fair because he did not deserve any. This week, we had a nice piece of business and they took care of the staff, and were praising at every turn which sometimes makes it just as worthwhile.

Yesterday, our Rest. manager guy came in was asking my boss, about our lack of weddings and such, they had a good 30 minute conversation and ignored me. It hurt my feelings but on the other hand, I don't care. I love this industry and believe me do not want to lose another job, but it has been really hard for me this year, to bounce back out of being out of work for 5 months and then, jumping into a new place that was under construction for the first 4 months I was here. It is a learning process, but I know in my heart and head that the owners do not care, they want it to produce $$ and now.. It is nice having a new and polished product to sell. I know I am being paranoid but reading my journal from last year, I got this same feeling at the other place in July and look what happened in September?

When is the economy going to bounce back? Is it that or should I really look for another line of business?

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