Friday, September 10, 2010

Well, it feels like fall here on Lake , it isn't as of yet, the colors have not changed as of yet, but this is from last year, so I know it will be beautiful and colorful.

Drama here at the Inn, the underage people we have let on the boat, and have told "NO" drinking seem to be mocking us, putting pictures on facebook, and just being sneaky, hate sneaky. Try proving it, so now "no more" underage on the cruises at night, a few are upset but you know 1 person ruins it for everyone. I am hoping that sense everyone knows this person they will make it awful on this person for being an idiot.

We are interviewing for a new General Manager and I wanted to put my 'hat' in but realized that then I would be married to the company 24/7 which I am anyway, but this time I would have to answer the phone and get in here. Also, I am not really trained for it, but want to grow within the company, should I let them know I want to move forward or just let it go?

My birthday is on Sunday, and we are driving down to Boston for a nice dinner, the husband is going away starting on Thursday, so he has no time off except Sunday night and Monday morning, so it will be a quick trip. He is going to Colorado to a convention without me, I have weddings this weekend and can't get away. He is so excited he could not go to the convention in May, so he is very happy he gets to go to this one.

My friends might be coming up the weekend he is away to go Ziplining in the White Mountains which will be so much fun. I am really enjoying living in New Hampshire, I thought I would miss Connecticut so much but not really.

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