Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well its February 14, Valentine's Day, and my husband and I are watching, "wedding singer" and trying to not think of the fact we have to go to work around 1pm and the husband will end up getting stuck at work, we both know it no matter how hard we think he will be out in under 2 hours. HA!HA!

Last night, the restaurant got slammed, and we have a function in the ballroom. I love being busy, but we are both getting too old to work the shifts, I worked 13 hours yesterday, he worked 12 hours, his was on his feet the whole time, I was on my feet from 3pm-9pm, so not as bad, just long!! I realize we will be busy in the summer, and we want it to happen but it is crazy, when you get (1) busy week in the summer.

I have been asked by many of the employees, "Why are you always here? No one else seems to be, meaning my two bosses. " Another one, told me I should get more respect for all I do to bring business into the hotel. It is so nice to hear, but I am not great at taking compliments, and not putting down other staff. I just usually nod, or smile and not say anything so I don't say the wrong thing.

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