Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reality TV: Why do I start watching and can't stop? Are we all just "Peeping Tom's" in a safe way? Then you have to wonder why people are on these shows, just to be famous does that make you better than me? No, and some of these shows don't exactly show you good now do they?

"Bad Girls Club" - Natalie get over yourself, you walked out on a bill because supposedly, you run LA, who are you? Annie, you are so manipulative, what you did to Kate was awful, and she just had no idea, I find messing with someone food is so bad..

Project Runway: I love Seth Aaron and Emilio's clothes, but then Ben and Anthony surprise me, I was not surprised that Amy was in the bottom this week but something about her I believe will pull it out. I love Tim Gunn...
Make it work, I use it myself at work all the time.

Keeping up with the Kardashians -Scott needs to go, what an idiot, you knew how important that dinner was for Kim and Kris why act like a jerk? Kourtney is carrying your child, and you are one, so get a real job and get over yourself..

Where is my BIG BROTHER?

American Idol : Well I have not watched this since the first season, I like to watch the auditions, but for some reason the chick with dread locks has sucked me in and now I want to see how far she goes.

Real Housewives of the OC: What is up with Alexis? Who are you? I am looking forward to next weeks show, because I see Laurie is going to be on the finale, I liked it when it was Laurie, Vicki, Tamara, Jena and Tammy. Now, we have Lynn who is nice, but spacey, Alexis who can't go anywhere without her husband what is that? Gretchen why would you start a business in this economy?

Real Housewives of NYC start next week, YEAH! That looks so interesting.

Millionaire Matchmaker, I was a huge fan until I found out that it is not real, those people are not really her clients, so they are not worth talking about now are they?

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