Saturday, April 04, 2009

Today, I am at work but only for a bit, and I am somewhat down. I keep thinking of Thomas and in May he would of been
40 years old, and I always love to celebrate big birthday's and I miss him so much. It was raining for a few days, but it has cleared up and is now a beautiful day up here in NH. The Lake seems to be starting to melt/thaw YEAH!! I am thinking at the end of April, but you can never tell, it might be later depending.

NH is working out well for the moment, husband's doing well and making contacts, I am about to join the rotary and getting to know people in town, it is kind of fun. My boss and I are going down to Boston tomorrow for the NEMIC MPI conference, we will meet up with other of our co-workers at other properties on Monday. Tomorrow is Social night, with a dance band that sounds like fun, I of course, have a new dress, new shoes and a fabolous purse, which I think puts me right around 50 purses now, you can never have enough. I would love to collect shoes, but purses I can afford not the shoes besides I ruin them way too much.

Back to work, no really!!

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