Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have no rant today as of yet, a few things have upset me but have no real reason to rants but the day is young so check back.

Reality Check

Hello Daisy, your men choices are disgusting good luck!!

Bret again, I think you picked the wrong woman, I think Mindy would of been better for you not the playmate, but then again it is your libido that keeps getting you in hot water now isn't it?

Real Housewives of NY - When is the Jersey girls coming, now those women seem interesting, I missed last night, but heard about Bethanny and Kelly(crazy lady)latest battle. I think Kelly does not realize their our cameras and even if she denies what Bethanny is saying there is proof that you are nuts.. I feel bad for the Countess, I heard about her marriage, so that is all I am saying, any marriage in trouble is sad..

The Hills - Stephanie, how difficult is it to follow directions? Lauren you are way too nice to her, and Heidi just dump Spencer already. Brody so disappointed in you and hurting Jade, and Audrina makes the rest of us women look bad by knowing he has a girlfriend and still encouraging him to cheat.

This week, the husband is in Chicago at a "geek" conference, and I miss him terribly, and am cooking for myself, no microwave unfortunately but it is fine. I am going down to Mystic, CT this weekend to go out with friends and see the family. Work crazy busy so he picked good week.

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