Monday, March 09, 2009

Its Monday, and for the third week in a row we have had a winter storm. We just went out to a local market to get dinner and lunch, and will go big shopping tomorrow night after work. 12 miles may not sound like much but in NH it is quite the hall and with the snow and in the Sonsata due to the Jeep being in CT, we have to make due.

Saturday and Sunday were so beautiful up here and Spring like you could see people everywhere out and about enjoying the weather, we all realize winter is still not done so take advantage when we can. I was on Facebook this morning and have connected with more past friends and some not quite friends, but nice they made a move to connect.

We spent yesterday in Concord, getting another monitor for my husband, he needs (2)for his business, we went to Best Buy and bought one then went to Staples for myself and we found the same one for $60 cheaper so we bought that and returned the other one to Best Buy. See, this is why you do your research on line, so you don't have to jump between stores. I did get to go to TJMaxx, and my husband ( he doesn't know it) bought me a wonderful dress and purse for our anniversary which is Wednesday. We will have been married 4 years, sometimes it feels longer sometimes I can not believe I have been married for 4 years.

When I am on Facebook I am amazed at how long so many people in my age group have been together 20+ years, I still feel sometimes like I am that party girl in her 30's, this year I will be 45 years old. I don't feel it and sometimes to myself don't look it.

Well, time to go and watch the snow fall so we can shovel our way out yet again, I used to love Monday's, I hate snow.

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