Tuesday, April 02, 2013

We have been living with only (1) Car for 4 years now.  We sold my car ( jeep) to my brother, when we moved to Wolfeboro, NH due to I could walk to work. Then the husband got  a job at the same Inn so we were both walking to work.  In all those years, we only had (1) conflict for training. 

So, when we were looking for places to live here in the Upper Valley, NH we decided we needed to be on the bus line so I could just walk to the bus and get to work. Then Stephen found a job in Lebanon which is where our search was taking us, Hanover is soooo expensive and hard to find housing.  We found a place a block from the Lebanon green, Stephen's job is on the green and I pick up the bus at the Town Hall on the Green.  So, we are again not using our car as much, and it is working at wonderful.

I usually take the 740am bus, but today I took the 710am I needed to be at work earlier. Interesting difference between the 710am and the 740am.  On the 740am I have named a few people, the professor, the attitude guy, the nurse and our driver the talker.  No one else talks on the bus it is one of those places like when you are standing in line at the bank or grocery store or movie theatre, no one talks it is kind of creepy! 

On the 710am bus we have high school students taking the bus, nurses from the hospital, (3) boys who work at the hospital and I think live in a group home, they actually talk on the bus and so does the high schoolers the rest of us sit quietly. This bus driver does not talk, he barely mummbles when you leave the bus.

I am enjoying taking the bus, on the way home it is either the 549pm which is nice to get home earlier but makes so many stops what is the point? Or the 619pm which is nice not many people, there is the blonde woman I call her Hilary ( she looks like a hilary i knew in college) the student and the redheaded bus driver.  Again, quiet but a bit more relaxed.  Last night the Professor who I see in the mornings was on the bus, and I found out he lives in my building and knows a shorter route home, I may follow him tonight. ( not really a stalker just want to see an faster way home).

So, my journey continues in my new job as a Director at a new property and a new home.  This has been quite the change for us, and for me.  I believe I am up for the challenge.  I will write more about my bus experience. Soon...

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