Friday, February 08, 2013

Well, we are moving again.  I have been offered a new job, and a promotion so we are off an running again. We are going up to Hanover, NH area, have not found a place as of yet and I start my new career on February 18, 2013.

So, the husband again will be packing up the house, at this time this is what our living room looks like fun huh?

I am also reading how to be a good manager and sales techniques. When you are in the same position for a while you know the property and what you  need to do to make the sale.  I want to be better, improve our family life and move forward in my career. This seems to be the next step and I am so excited, nervous but ready for the new challenges moving ahead.

Today, is a lovely Storm outside, called "Nemo" since when are they naming blizzards? 

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