Monday, May 07, 2012

Well, we spent the week in Illinois, we spent time with the husband's family until Thursday, then we went into Chicago.  On Friday, we went to a Cubs game, they won! It was so cold! We went to an ATM near the field and I believe this is when it happened! What happened you may ask?  Well on Saturday, we had tickets to a "Dine around" and we were both looking forward to it, so we decided to lounge and relax around the hotel then at 3pm go into the city.  We went to lunch and found out our Debit card was cloned and cleaned out.

At lunch, the server swiped our card and we went on line and found out only $37 dollars in our account, so not right! Our paycheck went in on Friday!  Someone had gotten our number an cloned our debit card and were going across Colorado on their way we guess to Nebraska! We cxl our cards and had no money! So how were we to get home? You have to pay for your baggage now, so we called United to see if they could help us, I got a person with a major accent and basically 3x told me there is no waiver! Then we cashed a check at the Hotel, thankfully, but when we got to the airport and tried to pay cash, United again awful customer service! Luckily, one girl was fantastic and helped us but her co-workers were awful!!

So, our trip ended on a bad note! I noticed my little mirror cracked, is this why we had bad luck?

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