Saturday, May 12, 2012

 I have been so depressed lately, part of it is coming back from vacation the other I feel lost in my work life.  It also doesn't help that is has rained everyday since I got back. Today, is beautiful but it has not improved my mood at that much.

I have been handling weddings and social events for over 20+years, and yes it is rewarding and during the events it is fun to be up and making sure everyone and everything is on point. It is so much work to get to the day, and that can get you down but for me it is the lack of respect I get from bosses.

The big boss likes to tell me to call all these other wedding people to get their feedback because he obviously does not think I know how to do my job or how to maximize my time and space, or even how to market my wedding market.  I can always use some guidance but it is continous, we all know he has his favorites on property and who he trusts and I am not one of them.   He jokes around but I know he is serious, he does that to cover up his lack of respect or believable in me and my contributions to the hotel.

I understand different personalities and all of that, but if you look at the numbers for the 1st quarter myu booking goal was $117,583, and I booked $192,368, for April my booking goal was $53,820 and I booked $78,000.   When we get our reports on how many calls every property made weekly, I am in the middle.  Once, he put what each of us booked that week and I was number 1 in booking $ wise, but down in calls I got no acknowledgement.  Since, then he has never put what each person booked that week. The husband thinks because he does not want to acknowledge I am a damn good sales person.

It is so hard to stay motivated when I get nothing, except told what I am doing wrong. I am still so mad about my review, I have been checking off everything that was said to make sure I am doing exactly what I was given points off on, it is just so depressing to get no respect.

My whole career I have been praised, given awards, offers to come back to previous jobs and here I get no respect. I have never had a boss so blantant not respect me or my ability and also, so obviously favor other people over another.  When he was hired everyone is like he is so fair, and wonderful to work for, I must be missing something or this was said by his favorites.  I have tried to overcome how he treated my husband and I watch his 3 replacements, flail  but they are the saviors, the summer will be interesting.  He set the husband up to fail, so he could bring in his own team and I feel my days are numbered too..

I love this place, we have been here 3 1/2 years and this is our 4th summer, so it is upsetting to feel you are being ousted when all I have worked for over the winter is about to happen.

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