Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is the husband and I at the Capital Brew Pub in Washington DC, November 27, it is now December and his birthday has passed, he is down.

December always gets him down, he never gets excited about his birthday, and I love Birthday's and he is not into Christmas celebrating, so in our house is a "Festive Pole" with white lights, no tree. Last week, he did seem in better spirits while we were shopping and when we got home he helped me wrap presents. Which is great, since I am the worse wrapper in the world, no matter if I am paying attention and taking my time, I just am bad at it. I appreciate my family and friends for not picking on me so much about how bad I wrap presents.

This morning I could tell he was down, but we go through this every year, from Dec. 1 ( his b-day) until Dec. 31 he is not himself, he is down, grumpy and distant, the first few years it freaked me out, since I love Birthday's and Christmas, but now I accept that it is his dark month.

I had some news yesterday, my stepfather who lives in Seattle, WA had a stroke, I called him and told him I miss and love him, I realized I could of lost him and he may never know how he changed my life and was/is a big part of it. Last time, he came back home was in March 2005, for my wedding, which I had asked him to do a reading. Life is short so everyday you should tell the people you care about how much they mean to you.

My husband and I may seem sappy, but we do tell each other everyday how much we love each other and appreciate each other strengths and weaknesses.

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