Saturday, December 04, 2010

Its getting close to the end of our vacation. It has been so wonderful, spending time together and exploring new cities, DC was exciting, walked ALOT, my legs were hurting so bad from lack of exercise, but well worth it.

We drove 2.5 hours to Charlotteville, VA to see Monticello, Stephen really wanted to see it, even though it was far, well worth it..

Had dinner at our favorite place, "Capital Grille" food was excellent like always but the waiter needed alot to be desired, I messed up and made the reservation for Monday, but we went on Sunday, they fit us in, but no special writing for Stephen's birthday, I felt awful then I lost the birthday card and still can not find it, he deserves so much better then my scatterbrain...

Then we went to all the monuments, starting with Lincoln, did you ever know how far away the Jefferson monument is from Lincoln, I can tell you far!!! My legs really hurt, then we went to the National Archives, we both wanted to see the Declaration of Independence.

Went to different places for dinner, then on Stephen's actual birthday we went out for sushi.. My stomach has been upset most of the week, I am looking forward to going home tomorrow, not work but in our own place with a nice dinner YEAH!!

The Wedding was today it was incredible, Christian made me cry when Jen walked down the aisle he was in tears it was so touching...

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