Monday, July 19, 2010

Yesterday, I had a great time in Maine. I was on the boat with Mom and Skip, it was so much fun, in and out of the boat into Long Lake. I am not a bit sunburned on my back. It was so hot if out of the water, I was worried about work all day, so I did not enjoy it as much as I could. I got phone calls and then I stressed about work, sometimes my job drives me crazy.

We need a real Banquet Manager not me doing two jobs. An early report for the 2nd quarter says my sales are on the top, and I am the number 1 sales person, if this keeps up it could be great, but if someone else has a huge surge it won't matter either way.

Depresses me to think so close but if it is true will I finally stand up for myself? Even if I do will it matter all that much? Nothing changes, and people still fool other people, so aggravating.

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