Monday, May 17, 2010

Yesterday, the husband and I went for a long drive down to Hampton Beach and then along the coast. We stopped at a few places for a cocktail and mussels.

It was such a beautiful day, we both have been working so hard. I had to work in the morning and his own business building websites has been going great, except for some reason "hacking" has occurred on his website and (1) of his clients. So frustrating, so after he worked all morning, I pulled him away for awhile to relax and enjoy the day. I drove first, so he could just take in this beautiful day. The picture is from Rye , NH.

Today, he has to go back down to Portsmouth with his computer to see if there is a virus or something that is not blocking the hacking. We have another day off together, but he is busy working on his side business, tomorrow we both go back to the Inn and crazy week. I have to work again on Sunday then hopefully down to Mystic for my niece Sarah's confirmation. I definitely will not make the service but hopefully the party afterwards. We are so proud of her and when we were down in April, did not get to see them.

I was just looking at hotel rooms and amazed, how rates have gone down at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, we usually stay in Mystic, but I think it would be fun to stay somewhere else this time, and then go to the Spa on Monday. He deserves to relax alittle, the busy season is upon us, so we need to grab the time when we can.

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